This Life – Fahranaaz Elloker

I’ve finally managed to get my first novella out there. Please have a look and do rate me after you’ve read it.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me. Free sample available in links below.

“Lily was content with her simple albeit luxurious life under the wing of her father, Duncan Reynolds. She didn’t notice when things started changing because she was too caught up with her new fixation, Evan.
When her father’s plans backfire, Lily would lose everything she had ever possessed and life as she knew it would be ripped away forever.

Lilly is a representation of many women, who’ve had to undergo exceptional experiences to realize their full strengths and true weaknesses. Too often we underestimate what we’re capable of until life pushes us to do what we never thought possible.

Lilly’s story revealed itself to me in spurts over just a few years. I’m happy to finally share her tale.”

This Life – Fahranaaz Elloker : Book Country.

This Life- Fahranaaz Elloker: Amazon




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