30 before 30

So there’s this hashtag 30 things to do before 30 list bouncing around twitter and I must say its very intimidating. I’m not the over ambitious sort so its hard for me to make a list of 30 achievable things I want to do. (getting an MBA before 30- me? yeah right) But when I look at my life today I’ve already made some note worthy accomplishments so I reckon it should be part of the list. Considering I only have 2 years till I’m 30 it’s quite pressurizing  

So here’s a list of things I wouldn’t mind achieving within 2 years.


My family

1. Marry an honorable man who treats me like a queen √ DONE

2. Give birth to a handsome baby boy √ DONE

3. Buy my own car √ DONE

4. Deposit on a house √ DONE

5. Successfully overcome the beginner stage of Zumba and actually look like a Latino dancer when I  move.

6. Get kid off the dummy and on the potty √ DONE  see: dummy dumping & potty training almost complete. He wears nappy only for number 2 and slept last Friday (11April2014) without a nappy all night.

7. Learn to fluently read Arabic. (POA: http://wp.me/p4H6Ur-S )

8. Go on a second honeymoon to a luxurious destination.

9. Grow hair till shoulder blades. Almost there: 30b430#9

Future boudoir

swinging from the chandelier!

10.  Make my future bedroom my private boudoir (no kids allowed!)

11. Establish a herb garden

12. Establish a vegetable garden

13. Bake and decorate a birthday cake

14. Visit Knysna

15. Plant a tree all by myself (shovel dirt and all) √ DONE (< link)

16. Finish and publish my novel

17. Ride a camel and/or Ostrich

18. Ride a proper motorbike (not the scooter kind)

19. Surf at Muizenberg (even without a wetsuit, fat rolls and all)

20. Host a dinner party and cook everything myself from starter to desert!

21. Finally paint the two blank canvases at dad’s place.

22. After living in my own home for a year consider baby #2

23. Live simply (clutter free in house, heart and mind)√ DONE a continuous, conscious effort. See: Home Sweet Home

24. Try to better my last quarter mile time at Killarney


Rust en Vreede Waterfall

25. Swim under the waterfall in Oudthoorn

26. Do something different/big at work

27. Speak Afrikaans to Afrikaans speaking people.

28.  Read a best seller whether its my preferred genre or not.

29. Be content with what I have and don’t feel bad about not ticking

Because you’re worth it!

everything off this list, its only a guide to future endeavors.

30. Throw a crazy big, best-est, special-est 30th birthday party EVER! 


9 responses to “30 before 30

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  2. hey fahrie!! i love it!! you can tick no.14- remember we went on holiday to Knysna during the June-July holidays 2001? (std.8) with my family, I have the pics 🙂

    • How can I forget??? That’s why its on my list, I had such a wonderful time and so wish to share that with my parents, especially my dad. That’s why its on my list! BTW I had a dream that we (you & I) went on vacation to an African Country… we were fitting on colourful dresses lol… mmm a prediction maybe? *something to ponder*

  3. it was definitely a fun holiday!!! and i am so loving that prediction!! as i have always always always wanted to travel North Africa – which country was it? Kenya? Morrocco? maybe Egypt? ( those are just some of the places I wish to visit ), keep dreaming!!! who knows, “what dreams may come” !!

    • It must have been Kenya cos of the clothes we were trying on (traditional meets trendy) 😀 But i hear the coffee in Morocco is really good 😉

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