RSVP- The ultimate Celebration

Daily Prompt: RSVP by michelle w. on June 7, 2013
Plan the ultimate celebration for the person you’re closest to, and tell us about it. Where is it? Who’s there? What’s served? What happens?

Its hard to choose who I would have the ultimate celebration for.  Perhaps because father’s day is near, my dad pops into mind first. So if I should have a party to celebrate the awesomeness that is my dad, this is how it will go:


On a hot summer’s eve, I’ll make a big bonfire on the beach. Have a gazebo up to shelter the freshly grilled seafood on a buffet table and a spit braai (rotisserie bbq) for non seafood eaters like me. Various deserts will be served all night. The elegant decor will set the most beautiful scene for our guests. 

The guest list will include:

  • The whole family
  • All my dad’s neighbours
  • His friends


There will be a stage for the live band which will include music from Freshley Ground, Zahara and of course Mi Casa. 

There will be karaoke, its not a family party without karaoke. 

For the small kids there will be a carousel and child minders. Also there’ll be a tent for kids who prefer sleep to partying the night away. 

hookah-Montopolis-4-MFor the youngsters there will be a tent with a DJ pumping awesome house music, strobe lights and oka pipes with various tobacco flavors. 

For the older people there will be ample seating on comfortable couches to watch the band and just hang out. For them there will also be waiters to serve them what ever their hearts desire, i.e. any tea you can name, we’ve got it. 502cc8d03131983ecc14e62045458115

Free boat rides, jet skis and surf boards. (Certainly hot lifeguards on duty too!) Volley ball, cricket, soccer. 

Dancing, singing, delicious food, what more could you want for a bash? 

Oh yes and fireworks!



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