13 responses to “Where’s your ambition?

  1. Being happy with what you have is the secret to life me thinks. I’m doing my Masters after 8 years of study and it is hard. I look forward to earning a salary eventually. I love what I do. It gives me great joy. It took me 5 years after school to find my place. I was a waiter, a computer programmer, a graphic designer, a massage therapist, I made massage oils, was a call centre operator and even did promotions selling cigarettes.

    If you had asked me 10 years ago that this is were I’d be I’d have laughed.

    For now your job gives you exactly what you need so I think it is perfect in that sense. You can change the world when you feel the need to but for now enjoy all the things that make you happy that having a stable job allows you.

    • Exactly. Some people would say I’m in a comfort zone or I’m lazy. Thing is; there is no reason for me to want more then I have now. Yes I am in a comfort zone and my family and I are doing just fine.

  2. Some people (including me) would say that contentment is, in itself, a blessing. There are people who seem to have the most impressive careers, but are never contented with where they are in life- always restless and dissatisfied. Personally, I prefer contentment.

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  10. I wish I could be just like you 😀
    To say… hey F**K YOU ALL! I’m just fine with my life! But, life goes different

    • HAHAHA! Sometimes bosnae you have to take a look at yourself in the mirror and say- “Hey, you gorgeous animal! What matters is what I think of you and I KNOW you are AWESOME and that’s enough!”

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