For the love of art

Daily Prompt: The Artist’s Eye
by michelle w. on June 27, 2013
Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to? What does it say to you? Describe the experience.

I am no art specialist but I’ve always loved art i.e. architecture, fashion design, sketches but most of all paintings. I’m drawn to paintings with texture. When I walk into a room and a piece catches my eye, no matter where I am I cannot resist the urge to touch it. When touching it, I feel I absorb it and ‘experience’ the painting with a sense other than just sight. 

When its a landscape piece I can feel the mood it emanates and can feel myself being transported to that time and place. When its an abstract piece I analyse each brush stroke and the various mediums used. 

Another form of art that thrills me is graffiti. I don’t care if some people call it vandalism, to me its art in one of its purist forms. Now I’m not talking about graffiti you find on desks at school, I’m talking about the colourful, outstanding tags you find on urban buildings and freeway tunnels. Sometimes when seeing a new mural I imagine the culprit on a ladder spraying his heart out. I think of the adrenalin of sneaking around and the attention to detail that it takes to get the passion of your mind, through your arm and out your hands onto a surface for everyone else to see. 

The closest I got to ‘tagging’ anything was when i drew a picture on my bedroom wall with pencil. When I got home from school one day I was surprised to see my bedroom was painted. What shocked me and sprung my heartstrings was seeing that a border was painted around my picture that now stood out like a sore thumb. My mom had told the painter not to paint over it.  That affirmation from her still brings tears to my eyes. 

I’ll never forget the day we picked my uncle up from work, I was very young and impressionable. It was at a chain-store with rooftop parking. All four walls of the rooftop was embellished with the most amazing, detailed and colourful mural I had ever seen. I can’t remember what story the mural told or if there even was a story. I just remember standing with my mouth agape in the middle and admiring each wall as I turned in a circle. It was somewhat of a wonderland to me at that moment. The very next day it was gone, painted over by the mall maintenance staff. It was a pity but I wasn’t torn up about it. I knew the artists were aware that their work would never last there. All they wanted was to be heard. As young and clueless as I was; I heard them and I felt lucky to have witnessed their limited moment of glory. 

Some local graffiti:


22 responses to “For the love of art

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  2. To me there’s a difference between street art/graffiti that’s done where it’s legal or where the owner wants it and that which is done in other places. There’s not necessarily a difference in the art itself, of course. But I would think that many places would allow street artists to produce their art legally if asked to do so. I know that for some, the thrill of getting away with it is probably part of the joy. But I’d like to see more of the amazing talent of street artists done legally to liven up otherwise boring places.

    Good for your mom for keeping your art, too. I wanted to have our younger daughter to a mural in our house but since we’re now selling it, that’s out. Perhaps sometime in the future.


    • I’m glad to say that there are many buildings in the poorer areas that were legally painted of course with inspiring messages (like in one of the above pics). Art in all its forms is very encouraged here.

      I wish I was more involved in the creative industry, I’m quite clueless about it. Im sure your daughter can create her art in her future room, perhaps she might be lucky to have her own studio! good luck and thanks so much for your comment.

      • People are creative in different ways. You might be creative in cooking or decorating or in the way you’re able to help friends or some other way. I think everyone is blessed with some sort of creativity, even if it may not be the type the world notices or rewards.

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