stranded in a foreign city


When she reached the city, a new worry came over her. Everything here was strange and dodgy, especially at night. She found a park and cried sitting on a bench wondering how she would get herself out of this mess.

Lily started worrying about her safety on the streets. She went into a bar and stayed there as long as she could to formulate a strategy. When she came out for some air after several men made passes at her, the street was alive with female workers and shady looking men loitering around. She decided to walk to the apartments, hoping it would be safer.

On her way she suspected someone was following her. She started brisk walking, looked back and saw a figure. A few yards back, he ran after her. She tried hard to hold back her tears, she never before felt so vulnerable. As he got closer she literally ran for her life. She ran in a random pattern through alleys and walkways, hoping this would throw her stalker off route.

Lily’s chest began to burn and she could hardly breathe. When she ran over a flooded drain, she slipped on sewerage waste but gained her balance and kept going. Thankful for the bustling night clubs, she managed to lose him after another random detour. However just when her legs slowed to a near halt and felt like they were about to give in; someone on her right grabbed her into an alley. He put his hand over her mouth so she couldn’t scream. She fought like crazy, completely forgetting the defense moves Evan showed her. She reached for his eyes, trying to gauge them out, kicked and squirmed. It was all in vein. Two heads taller than her, he held her with a vice grip.

This is an adaption to a story I’m writing 🙂 For another snippet of my novella see:

Daily Prompt: Stranded

You’re stranded in a foreign city for a day with no money and no friends. Where do you go; what do you do?

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