Daddy’s little girl, all grown up

Daily Prompt: All Grown Up

I’m sure there were moments but right now I don’t remember ever specifically feeling grown up, despite paying my own bills every month for almost a decade. The most recent incident I can relate this post to is a few weeks ago when I gave my dad a printed copy of a story I’m writing.

I just wanted to show him snippets but he ended up taking the whole draft. I really wanted him to read it as he’s the most avid reader I know but what held me back was the fact that I had two raunchy sex scenes in there!

After he took it, I couldn’t stop analyzing his face wondering if he got to that part yet. It felt like that awkward moment you get caught doing the deed with your boyfriend all naked and exposed. I suppose it’s because sex is a very private thing that we don’t discuss. My parents and I are close but it’s not  like I sit around and reveal the extent of my sexual appetite to them.

When I felt hot under the collar I excused myself and made a swift exit.  Driving home I kept telling myself that I had no reason to be embarrassed. I’m a healthy, married adult with a child for goodness sake. It’s no secret, surely the fact that I gave birth was an indication that my husband and I are sexually active. It took a day or two of awkwardness on my part, avoiding the feedback I so badly wanted from him. Eventually, I asked him what he thought of the story and he tactfully gave me his opinions. He portrayed the characters as actual people and among other things mentioned about the main character, he said, ‘she’s practical and behaves quite the same as any person her age would with regard to her relationship with Raul.’

I took that as acknowledgement that he read it and approved of it all the same.

I guess I felt pretty grown up at that moment.

Dad & pregnant me. Eid Ul Fitr 1432 (2011)

Dad & pregnant me. Eid Ul Fitr 1432 (2011)


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  9. That was an interesting piece; I could imagine your predicament. Glad it turned out well. if an avid reader who is also your parent endorses your work, it’s time for big cheers!

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