My first Colour Run 2014

IMG_0004[1]My cousins and I attended our first Colour Run on Saturday. Since I don’t do much walking I was a bit worried about how I would cope. The event however is so well coordinated and well thought out.

They kept us hyped at all the right intervals. Despite our early arrival we still ended up really far from the starting line. We thought that when we finally got moving, that it would be anti climax. NOPE. They took the runners in batches, each batch got a chance to throw heart fingers up for the cameras, got to shout the count down and shout ‘yeahhhhhh!’ when they let us go.


Not too far from the start we got our first 2 doses of colour at the ‘colour stations’. It was chaotic, frenzied, fun.

At one point we got stopped by traffic marshals to let cars go by. When they said we can go, everyone started running as if our lives depended on it. Between fits of laughter, I shouted at my cousins, ‘RUN! They’re coming, RUN!!!’ The sprinting continued for much longer than I anticipated but I didn’t want to give up. When everyone started slowing down my lungs burned and I had the hugest grin on my face, I felt like a kid again.

The next colour station was at the halfway mark, quite an incentive for us not to cheat. We got there and were rewarded with an amazing scenery of the glittering ocean, a big grass patch to relax on and a park for the kids to play. They also gave out free drinks.

IMG_0011[1]After a bathroom break and drinks, we carried on our walk. The yellow station was out of powder but it was no loss because everyone had free reign to be crazy. Along with the kiddies, there were grown men rolling on the floor and making ‘snow angel’s’ in the yellow powder that was on the ground.

We gathered powder at the next station to use at the finish line as we didn’t know when exactly we’d get our free ‘after party’ powder packet. Since the walk wasn’t that strenuous, we still had energy to run the last leg and dance to the finish line.


Again we thought we’d be late and miss the after party but we didn’t at all. We got more drinks and colour packets. They had great entertainment and awesome dance music. The atmosphere was similar to a concert or music festival. Before the count down to the big ‘colour throw’ they played; SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA’s ‘Don’t you worry child’. The whole audience sang the chorus and when the beat dropped we jumped like mad and freaked out. They then had the count down and we once again when wild.


It felt like new year’s.


The whole event was done by 12pm and we still had the rest of the day to enjoy. We’ll definitely be making this an annual event on our calendars and will be better prepared next time, i.e. we’re going to have to dress up!

IMG_0001[1] IMG_0014[1]

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