Home sweet home

It’s so comforting to look forward to going home and just relax and do what you need to at your own pace. To first give your child attention before jumping into household tasks without feeling guilty or like someone is unconsciously judging you for not doing chores first.

Its not that I felt that way all the time. Living in somebody else’s home and feeling ‘at home’ is sometimes just not possible no matter how much they quietly ‘put up’ with you. Its just a general feeling like you’re in someone else’s way and they’re in your and your family’s way. You’re prevented from doing things you would naturally do. I found myself trying to escape every weekend and come home as late as possible. I’d also stick to my quarters and just stay out of sight as much as I could. Not that I did it on purpose. It’s just discomfort. It’s nobody’s fault, it couldn’t be helped. I just needed my own place, period. I’m an adult for crying out loud with a child. I need to live like I want to and do as I please when I please without feeling apologetic. I need to let my son get over his screaming tantrums without feeling the need to put my hand over his mouth because a housemate is sleeping.

That’s just the way it was and thank the heavens above this is the way things are now.

I love my modest, beginner house that always smells like a construction site because it’s right next door to one (till they’re done of course). I love opening the windows in the morning and getting our things ready while walking around without pants.

I love pulling out of the driveway and admiring the pretty curtains that I chose. I love having the choice to change those curtains any time I choose for any reason I choose. I love having the choice of painting the walls any colour and decorating with art I choose no matter how outlandish the piece may be.

I love deciding how the landscaping is going to be done. I love planning and this time I’m able to execute.

I love coming home and cleaning up every single day. For the first time I think my husband enjoys taking care of the garden; aka a patch of grass. He was highly excited yesterday because two new blades popped up. It’s different now because its his. It’s mine. It belongs to us.

House Tour main bedroom excluded because its just a square white room with a bed: This is what the place looks like *cough* all the time *cough*

My son likes birds and butterflies. I was hoping the cushions and bedding would make him like his room more. Due to lack of masculine animal print bedding however, I couldn’t prevent it looking like a little girl’s room instead. When I add the turquoise curtains it’ll look more boyish I’m sure. For now I like that it has a neutral palette. *click pic for larger image*

This is what the place looks like 10 minutes before guests arrive.  *click pic for larger image*


On a slightly different topic:

Its been two weeks since we moved in. I used my oven for the first time the other day. DSC_1837

I made mac n cheese for the first time too. Contrary to popular belief I actually can cook. I just didn’t do it as often before because I’d have supper at my moms place every night. (Part escaping previous home remember)

I made a delicious roast chicken and potato with it, I would have included more veg if I had time. It felt like I was on Chopped while I was cooking. But I was inspired and husband got home an hour early which gave me extra time to cook and avoid watching Barney (I swore I’d never introduce my kids to that purple creature but alas he will find them and they will love him.)

It was a humble dish but delicious nonetheless.



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