When life gives you lemons

There may come a time my child, when you feel regret about a situation, something you said or somone else did. We all make stupid mistakes or foolish choices. You learn from it and carry on.

Then there may be a situation where it seems no matter what you do somebody is dissatisfied with you. No matter how much you ‘bend over backwards’ to please them they will find fault in the way you are bending or your attitude while bending. You may think, but mom I dont care what other poeple think of me. Sure son, that may be so but there will be poeple in your life who you become close with or who are your family n you’re close ‘by default.’ At some point or other there may come a time where it seems this person is hellbent on making you feel bad, even if you have nothing to feel bad about.

By experiance I have learnt that no matter how many times a stranger stabs your heart with a blunt steak knife, it will never hurt as much as the disappointment/betrayal/anguish caused by someone who technically should be close to you.

In this case my child I say this; do what you can to make amends. Apologise, reach out. If they reject you, try again. You do not want to be the one who breaks family ties or a marriage. But at the end of the day, there is only so much you can do. If they cannot see reason or meet you halfway, at least you know you tried.

Be honest and true to yourself.
If you have pleased your maker and lived your life trying everyday to be a better person. And if you have pleased your parents and know that they are proud of you, then that is enough.

The whole world can be against you but with Allah (SWT) in your corner, you are absolutely fine.
‘Life’ may be unfair sometimes but Allah (SWT) is just. You live your life to please Him first. Then your parents. Thereafter, be fair and good to everyone you come in contact with. That is all you can do.

Above all, the best piece of advice I want to leave you with. No matter what happens that you feel is unfair in your life; cry if you must but then let it go and take comfort in your maker’s wisdom.


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