Tripple Threat

Its 2am Thursday morning 20 February 2014. My mind is reeling.
Todays the day I’ve waiting for since April last year. Since I signed a contract to buy a brand new house to be built especially for me by a new developement construction company. Today, after all the anguish, all the dreaming, all the anxiety, I finally get my key.

I’ve heard that moving can be one of the most stressful things one can do. Even though I’ve moved house twice n a half (half being from parents main house to backyard apartment), I’ve never felt that way.
I’m pretty sure that if I didnt have a two year old that I most likely wouldn’t be anything but excited. However I do have a two year old. Not only do I need to do my utmost to get everything packed, organised, deligated and unpacked at the new place. I will need to do it all in one day and If nothing else, I will need to make sure that his room is not only practical but attractive to him so that he doesnt pull me to the front door at bed time, crying, ‘lets go.’

When I signed the contract last gear I had no idea that our hand over date would be moved from first week December to end of February. As luck would have it, this handover date would be the exact date that my little munchkin officially starts potty training (at school). This means that instea of our morning and night time routine of using potty at home I will actively need to pay special attention to his no nappy covered bottom i.e. all eyes 24/7.

To top it all off, last year I booked a midweek getaway for my parents, their freinds n me. At the time I was blissfully unaware that the moving will be taking place in the same month, let alone the same WEEK as the vacation.
Will moving affect his training? Will the vacation affect his adjustment to moving? Will the house be safe alone? Will I be able to get everything done before the vacation? Will this vacation be a blessing in disguise?

 I hope that I can somehow put my worries and checklists aside and just enjoy the excitement when the key is placed in my palm.

Moving, potty training and a vacation- all in the same week.
People would tell me Im nuts. I agree with them.


My mom met at the developer’s office at 12.30am. We all met at the front of the house and I got my key. The guy who walked me through all the paperwork and snag list was very nice. When he realized that it was my place and not my moms he said; ‘well done.’ I felt very proud at that moment. It took a minute or two for me to focus on what he was saying once we got down to signing and my hands were a bit shaky. But I soon gained composure and took everything in.

I’ve been anticipating and stressing but right now I’m just very happy and satisfied. I’m so grateful as well. This weekend I’m going to try to enjoy the packing and moving and do what I can to make this joyous feeling last.



2 responses to “Tripple Threat

  1. All the best hun. With all the moves I have done in my life, let me give you one piece of advice. Get the beds made up first, then at least when you are exhausted, you know you have somewhere to lay your head.

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