PCOS and its repercussions

I’m 8 days late.

At this point some women in my position would have bought a pregnancy test by now. I’m not really in that much of a hurry to do that though.

See, I’ve been down a long, bumpy road. It involved many missed periods, many negative test results and many tears shed.
Since reconfirming my PCOS condition last January I really haven’t given pregnancy a serious thought. I knew that if I want to conceive again, I’d most likely have to have medical treatment. Treatment that I do not have time for (fertility treatment is strictly time orientated) and also I cannot afford it.
I therefor continued to allow myself quick daydreams about an additional family member but would never linger on the thought too long.

For the most part my cycle has been ‘relatively’ regular give or take a few days. It’s just been a week but this time… it’s bothering me.
8 days. It sounds too many.

I keep telling myself that I should give it ANOTHER 8 days before I even consider taking a test. In my last pregnancy I experienced out of the ordinary symptoms at week 6. Its now week 5, surely by next week something’s got to give. Right?

But that’s the thing with PCOS.

It could simply be that my ovaries are overripe with multiple cysts which in turn has completely screwed my timing.

I guess only time will tell but in the interim it’s vital not to get any hopes up or even think of girl’s names. (I’ve decided on a boy’s name already *shh don’t tell*)

Now I’m just going to pull my hair out and then carry on with work as if this post never happened.

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5 responses to “PCOS and its repercussions

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  2. Aw.
    Im pregnant right now and honestly, most of the time I never really give it much thought as to how difficult it can be to fall pregnant for some women.
    I only recently heard of PCOS because a family member has it, so it’s not easy for her to get pregnant but I dont know much else about it. How long have you had it?

    • I replied on your previous comment but again HUGE congrats to you and hubs Tas, I’m super happy for you guys.
      To answer your question regarding PCOS.. you don’t necessarily know you have it unless you have an ultrasound to see. The first time I went for fertility treatment they didn’t pick up any PCOS so they just diagnosed me with ‘an-ovulation. A year or more later it was discovered that I had a tilted uterus as well which makes it even more hard to conceive naturally. Then last year during a check-up, they found PCOS. So between that scan many moons ago and January 2013, I have no idea how long I had PCOS.
      I do however know that it will take a super-sperm and/or medical intervention to get me pregnant because in this 7 years of marriage with no contraceptives, I’ve only fallen pregnant once.

      BTW PCOS can’t be ‘cured’ because there’s no known ’cause’ but it can be treated. Fertility treatment includes constant monitoring and treatment which means- invasive internal ultra-sounds at least 3 times a month, blood tests and meds which you may or may not have to inject yourself with and if you’re not having IVF or IUI (medically inserted sperm) you will have to have sex on demand at a specific time in your cycle. It’s emotionally and physically exhausting for husband, wife and the marriage itself.

      • Thank you!! 🙂

        I didn’t know much about PCOS, I just know two other women who have it but didn’t speak to them in detail about it. One has a child, the other doesn’t but would really like one. She only recently found out about her PCOS diagnosis.

        The fact that you have a kid, even though youve gone through that, [tilted uterus and all!] is a miracle.

        I can only imagine it’s exhausting. But with regards to your other post and why now wouldnt be the right time for a baby, when ideally would you LIKE to have another kid? Do you try not to think about it because it’s difficult to conceive?

      • That’s exactly why… It’s like putting yourself through unnecessary sadness and stress. Cos if I think about it for longer then 5 minutes, my brain starts over-thinking and obsessing. So I just don’t want to think about it. When your period is late though.. how can you NOT think about it.. hence the post. Sigh

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