List of reasons

Here are a list of reasons why having a second child will not work for us considering our current situation:

  • Mommy & dad have been approved a mortgage loan
  • It’s a 2 bedroom 56sq m starter home
  • With all expenses considered, especially schooling etc Mom & dad will barely just keep afloat financially (we pray)
  • Mom & dad will soon be able to get more adult time with each other and friends
  • Mommy can continue MMA practice which includes getting her abs rapidly hit as core muscle exercise

List of how a second child will benefit us:

  • Baby no.1 who is already a toddler won’t grow up a spoilt brat and/or alone
  • Baby no.1 will have a sibling to laugh, fight, play, share childhood memories with
  • Baby no. 2 might be a girl and offer our family diversity and give mommy more hair to brush.
  • Mommy might stop holding her breathe every single darn month when ‘aunt flow’ is late
  • Baby no. 2 might fill the void in mommy in daddy’s heart, as they long for a bigger family and another child to love.

If you’ve read my previous post; PCOS & Its repercussions – know that it was a false alarm. I am both relieved and disappointed. As you can probably tell; one emotion outweighs the other despite logic and ‘reason’



5 responses to “List of reasons

  1. We go back and forth with adding a 3rd (the first are twins). It certainly has an effect on lifestyle/finances, but I’m sure emotion will win out at the end of the day (once everyone is potty trained and lacing their own shoes around here).

  2. I’ve had missed periods before, just by a few days and I took pregnancy tests that came back negative. Not that I was hoping to be pregnant at the time but still there was a feeling of disappointment seeing that it was negative. Even though it wouldnt have been the right time to be pregnant anyway.

    When I finally was pregnant, my period was late by eight days but I didn’t want to take a pregnancy test yet just in case I wasn’t pregnant, because I knew Id feel that disappointment again. But lo and behold, it was positive lol.

    In the end, Allah knows best 🙂

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