New Year

From what I gather, it seems many experianced a rather challenging 2013. I think my 2013 was my most mentally challenging year, in a sence that I had to make big decisions and constantly assure myself that my instincts are always 100% realiable. I accomplished what I set out to do and progressed as the year drew to a close. I therefore am very pleased to bring in the new year with a slightly improved me already in place. I dont usually make new years resolutions but if I did then I’d say I simply want to continue on the path I am on and maintain the healthier and more active lifestyle I’ve adopted.

I still have many goals to tackle which I am excited about. But I prefer not to list anything just yet because If I’ve learnt anything in the last few years; it would be that I tend to overwhelm myself too often. Im just going to take on one mission at a time and give it all I’ve got. (Thereby implimenting my ‘live simply’ goal, mentioned in previous posts)

I have one big change on the cards for 2014 that I’m aware of (moving into my very own house *yay*) the rest is a mystery. Im looking forward to unwrapping each day like a precious gift and embracing it with positivity.


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