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Update on the kid;

Talking:  It’s amazing to witness how much my Bumble Bee has grasped over the last two weeks alone. At first I took full credit for teaching him new words. Last week however, he surprised me by pointing at his Nursery Rhyme book and saying, “tar” for the star! It was a really special moment for me. He’s been fascinated with buses and trucks for a long while now and quickly picked up the word bus which he repeats every time he sees one. When he wants to watch his ‘wheels on the bus’ song he points at the PC and then motions his arms (wheels turning) saying, “bus”. Last week he started using the word ‘truck’. He has his toy trucks that he lifts up saying; “tduck” and also when he sees one on the road he gets very excited and shouts his version of ‘truck’. When he sees a horse in a picture or while travelling he shouts ‘horse’. 

He identifies all his limbs, eyes, ears, nose, hair, head, ears etc. He learnt to say two recently but only able to show the 2 fingers when he has something in his hand (can’t close his fist completely and lift two fingers). He gets very frustrated when he can’t do it right. 

To get the attention of any random person he uses ‘Boeta’ (Afrikaans word for brother). Other words he’s been using a while now include; “Day” for daddy, Yahyah for mommy (or any other female). He calls himself ‘Baba’. When asked ‘who did it?’ he’ll tap his chest saying, ‘Baba’. He recently learnt to appropriately use the words; water, bye(-bye), Pa (grandpa), Ma (grandma) sometimes he gets ‘tongue tied’ and skips the M then he’ll just say ‘ar’ or ‘war’ instead of Ma. Yesterday when I picked him up from school he pointed at his arm (old healed scars) saying, “ore” (sore). I had to kiss it better 🙂 He says ‘hot’ but I’m not sure he knows how to use the word even though he understands when we say; “don’t grab the food it’s hot.” 

Potty: He also says ‘popo’ and points at his bum after he’s done his job. Every morning when he wakes up, I take him to the bathroom. At first he wouldn’t pee on the potty but immediately would when I placed him in the bath. So what I did one morning was fill the basin with warm water, put his feet in it and told him to pee. The sound of the running water and I suppose that familiar feeling of being in water helped a heap. When he was done with what seemed like a very long pee I waited a bit and told him to try again. Twice he tried and the last bit came out. I then washed his bottom with clean water, dressed him and then started our usual morning routine; washing face and brushing teeth. (The first time he was so amused at the wee coming out that he couldn’t resist playing with his winkie. He even tried to put it in his mouth! *21st birthday-speech alert!*) 

This practice is now fully installed in our morning routine. After a few successful tries in the basin I’ve moved him over to the big toilet. We don’t have a proper potty yet. I’m hoping to get a seat that fits onto the regular toilet. He struggles to sit on the big toilet so peeing there is a bit awkward for now, sometimes it doesn’t work so I have to go to the basin again. But what I’m happy about is the fact that he gets it. He knows what to do even though he struggles because its uncomfortable (he looks as tiny as a new born on that big toilet! *aaw*).

He’ll be 2 years old on December 7th and we’ve planned to take him to the airshow since he’s a man’s man  (that easily walks in my high heels) and just LOVES cars and airplanes. 

On the housing front

They’re making equally fast progress. They literally built the house from foundation up within a month. Every week I make an effort to drive passed there and am pleasantly surprised to see what they’ve done. They said that the estimated hand over for my house is the 12th February but I’m almost certain that they’ll be done before the December break. I’m really hoping they surprise us and make the hand over next month. If not then January at least because my heart was really set on December (the original hand over date before the construction worker’s national strike and bad winter weather)

Its practically a doll house, it should be done pretty soon right??

Its practically a doll house, it should be done pretty soon right??

In the personal news 

I’m still exercising regularly and have actually been told by someone who doubted me that I ‘have a great body’. So my hard work sure is paying off. Last week I even saw ab lines when I was trying to show my husband how to flex his abs (he was a gymer when we met but has now forgotten how to tighten his core! *gasp*) On Sunday I plan to start training with my ex neighbour who’s a Ju Jitsu World Champion (and she only started training 2-3 years back! Hectic, I know) I’d like to learn self defense and some mixed martial arts. My main aim is to effectively be able to kick someone in the head; its a life-long dream lol.

Yeah Im one of them #bitstriper

Yeah Im one of them #bitstripanonymous

An unofficial side note 

I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I will HAVE to try to get pregnant again. It was a daunting task trying the first time and after a bad birthing experience and crazy toddler tantrums I swore I never want to go through that again. I convinced myself that we can’t afford it and its a non negotiable issue. After Eid I changed my mind though. I wondered what it would be like for my single child to visit extended and distant family but not have his own brother/s or sister/s to visit. My nephews are quite a bit older than him and we live far apart so I can only pray that they build a close relationship. And even though I’m not that close with my own brother, at least I have the option to say; I’m having Eid lunch at my brother’s place.

M and his only cousins

M and his only cousins

DSC_1122 My husband (an only child) always insisted that we have to have another and now I agree with him. I said that after a year (or less) of living in the new house we can see how things go and then actively try for another. It will most likely involve fertility treatment and lots of prayers so wish us luck. 

So lots to be thankful for at present and still lots to look forward to. Right now I’m waiting for Summer!

I’ll try to post a video clip or two tonight so watch this space. 


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