Fitness Challenge Post #4

The last two weeks including this one in a nutshell; week of 22-28 September training was skipped due to my injured shoulder. 

My next session was Monday 30th. I was ready but we were barely training for fifteen minutes when I felt light headed. I thought it was because I didn’t have a solid meal for a pre-workout snack. I had instead taken a meal-replacement shake. My heart rate understandably was high due to the exercising but it wasn’t decreasing. The light headed feeling increased rapidly followed by a feeling a knew all too well. I was going to throw up. However before I threw up I needed to prevent myself from fainting. My vision was getting starry and I knew a black out was on its way. I went to the bathroom and sat on the floor because should I pass out, I won’t fall.  It took a huge amount of strength for me to crawl over to the toilet. I just made it and everything I had not digested yet (which was basically just the shake) came flooding out. 

My instructor and I discussed what I had taken. She mentioned something about stimulants being in the shake. I was fully aware of this but until then, due to it being the first time I drank this, I didn’t realize the obvious…  During my pregnancy it was discovered that I had heart arrhythmia. At the time I was very sensitive to stimulants such as vitamin water, energy drinks and depending on the time of day or situation, I couldn’t consume very sweet things and coffee. i.e one early morning I had over indulged in deliciously sweet fruit and yogurt for breakfast. It ended up 20 minutes later with me blacking out for a few seconds, followed by projectile vomit all over the carpet. Poor husband had to clean it up, I was heavily pregnant and could hardly breathe until my heart slowed down. 

The stimulants in this meal-replacement shake plus the exercise caused that my heart went on over-drive. Needless to say; that session was promptly cancelled. 

The next Wednesday I woke up snotty, feverish and my body hurt tremendously; I had the flu. I was so peeved that I had to cancel yet another session. This made a full two weeks without training. Between being sick and all the weddings and social gatherings, the week before, it was hard to keep my diet in check. I tried my best however. 

Last Monday I was sad to see how weak I had become. I had to be eased back into things. It didn’t help that I still had post nasal drip and spent a lot of time blowing my nose. I made it out alive and without incident though. I recovered but low and behold I feel sick again this morning. Fortunately not as bad as last week so tonight will be my last session with her. My training is by no means over. She will provide me with a program but won’t personally be with me for each session. 

I have no regrets about taking on this mammoth task of getting fit.  In fact this weekend my teenage cousin slept over and because he’s taller than me and plays rugby (during recess!) he thinks he’s so tough. I swiftly took the opportunity to show off my skills by dropping onto the floor. I did mountain climbers and the ‘hands to elbows’ plank- thing saying, “can you do this, can you do this”.. he did three and fell flat on his face. I felt so awesome haha! 

My aunt was all; “where’d you learn to do that?” and I replied trying not to sound too smug; “I have a personal trainer.” 

I’m still stoked about working out. Im still determined to continue this healthy lifestyle that I’ve adopted. 


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