Injured but not conquered

I’ve gotten into the habit of brisk walking down the streets of my neighborhood early on weekend mornings. On my way back home Sunday I saw my husband and son in the park, so I joined them. I did a few laps around the field but running/jogging still remains a killer for me. I also did a few squats and push-ups. I used the bottom of the slide to do my inclined push-ups. It was lower then I did last time but I thought it would be fine.

This just proves that I’m not ready to do this completely on my own. I’m still too ignorant on what is safe and gradually progressive. I pushed myself into doing 20 push-ups until my arms couldn’t take it. I then I moved to the back of the slide and used a higher step on the ladder instead. I should have done that in the first place.

The next day my arms were terribly sore. By Tuesday I realized that it was more than just DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), I had hurt my shoulder. I couldn’t put my hands behind my back without serious discomfort. This week being month-end madness at work, I haven’t had the chance to see a physio but everyday it feels better. I stretch and get a light massage at night to help it loosen up.

Needless to say this week I had to skip training. I was so disappointed. It feels like every session I skip I’m losing the progress I’ve made. I can only imagine what a real athlete feels when they get injured. It sucks but we wouldn’t want to aggravate it. Safety first, always.

5 common workout injuries and how to prevent them.

5 common workout injuries and how to prevent them.

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