Fitness Challenge Post #3


Here’s to my cute new sneakers that got me through tonight’s session. Word of advice: do not skip pre-workout meal or snack it really affects your performance.

If I think back, I cant remember anything being as physically challenging as this, except the day I gave birth. Back then I suffered and knew there was no way out, so it was a true mind over matter & taking control of my body situation. I think its safe to say that this fitness challenge competes with that tormenting  yet completely fulfilling & awesome experience.

In such a short space of time I’ve achieved the unthinkable. I went from 3 sets of 6 hand to arm planks last week to 3 sets of 10 today.

Its incredible to think how I underestimated myself. I’ve been getting undoubtedly stronger every week. I’ve been breaking my own records and I’m really proud of myself right now.


8 responses to “Fitness Challenge Post #3

  1. It feels great right? I’m still working on my tuck planche. Right now it’s at 20 seconds with locked arms. Also trying to get my pull-ups right and that’s proving tough.

      • Of course 🙂 I managed a second frog stand and moved onto the tuck, it was tough work, now it’s damn easy. I found locking my elbows to work when holding for longer. I last between 18-20 seconds. It’s all about muscle memory.

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