Fitness Challenge Post #2

I find myself craving exercise. As I sit in my office all I feel like doing is getting onto to floor and pushing the ground down (that’s what push-ups feel like).

Improving my eating habits has made a big difference. Z mentioned that my muffin top was mostly caused my my diet. I’m sure I was bloated that first week when we took ‘before’ pics but I’m pretty sure I can already see a difference in the ‘apple’ region.

When eating properly as in; oatmeal for breakfast, protein for lunch, I last longer between meals then I usually did. Sometimes I don’t even need a snack. Yesterday I had 3 filling meals and skipped my 1-2 snack times. It’s good to keep meals relatively light and frequent too though. I usually have 6 allocated meal times a day, including 3 snack times.

Training isn’t what I expected it to be. I suppose being at home is a lot different then being at a gym. I feel calmer then I thought I would.

I am also stronger then I realized. I have a long way to go but every session (3 so far) I’ve been ‘breaking’ my own records. I’m now aiming for that 60 second plank, my highest score is 59 seconds (I know!)

When working out I always try to keep my core tight. I told Z that sometimes it’s hard because it feels like my ab muscles doesn’t exist. When trying to engage it’s like trying to flex my kidney or something, I feel completely unable. But yesterday while planking I felt those abs and man I can tell you they do exist, I feel them right now as I type this. 

I had the flu last weekend which tampered with my weekend workouts I was scheduled to do on my own. I did however try to make up for it by walking during my lunch time Monday with my colleague. We managed 30 minutes, we could have gone further but it got a bit boring.

My bike’s peddle is broken so cycling is out but I plan to walk for 60 minutes this Saturday and maybe run on Sunday (I’m not good at running I have this irrational fear of twisting my ankle)

The hardest thing about this whole challenge is the food. I have to buy my own groceries (my husband is seriously not interested in wholewheat rice cakes) and getting fresh veggies regularly has proven to be costly.

One can pretty much workout in anything but I’ve bought myself 2 sets of workout pants & bras which costed as well but it wasn’t a necessity. Last week I did my workouts in my socks and yesterday in my old lifestyle sneakers. I’d like to get a decent pair of training sneakers at month end if I can.  In summer I’ll be training on the beach naked, in shorts and bare feet. I’m really, truly looking forward to that. 

Below is this passed week’s meal journal:

PS: I drink sips of water randomly during the day so don’t really keep record of it.

9/6/2013 Friday


09:00: cooked oats with pinch salt, black coffee, 1/2 tsp sugar (breakfast)
11:34: 2 slices low GI brown with tuna, 1/4 same with pnut butter (left over) lots of water (lunch)
15:18: 2 boiled eggs (s&pepper) snack
19:12: spicy chicken fillet, 1 cup mix veg, lots of water (supper)


15:48: Unusual dull headache, started at lunch time while driving, progessive not fading
15:49: Drank just over 400ml water today

(Fell asleep with a fever Friday night)

9/7/2013 Saturday


09:09: 1/2 oats, tsp honey, tsp pnut butter- breakfast
12:11: rice cake with cottage cheese n black coffee- snack
14:14: corenza c (cold n flu remedy)
14:14: 1/4 white sandwich with pnut butter – no appetite, just eating son’s left overs
17:11: 2 mini quiche n 1 samoosa (at a party)
19:11: 3/4 roti, with chicken strips n fried egg (I KNOW).. spontaneous dinner invitation.. (supper made by teenagers, go figure)


Have the flu, chills on and off, sleepy.

9/8/2013 Sunday


09:11: 2 scrambled egg with 3 slices tomato n 1 slice low gi brown bread. black tea with tsp honey
13:20: glass water
15:51: brown rice & tomato ground beef stew with baked beans. black tea + 1tsp honey
19:12: curried chickpeas with mix veg n broccoli


17:25: Corenza c (cold n flu remedy)
17:41: 30 jumping jacks, 30sec wall sit, 30 push ups, 30 squats, 17 tricep dips, 30 sec plank, 30 sec plank, 10 left lunges, 10 right lunges (left me feeling completely drained, clearly need to postpone tomorrow’s session)

9/9/2013 Monday


08:45: 1/3 cup oats (some overflowed 😦 & black coffee- breakfast
11:00: rice cake with cottage cheese n tomato, with black rooibos (sugar free)- snack
13:32: brown rice & tomato ground beef stew- lunch
16:04: 1 rice cake with cottage cheese, slice tomato n pepper, with water- snack
17:50: tea with milk no sugar
20:25: curried chickpeas with broccoli- supper


12:31: 30 minute brisk walk

9/10/2013 Tuesday


09:25: 2 eggs, 1 slice low gi, with cottage cheese, slice tomato, black rooibos- breakfast
13:08: woolies savory mince pie – (didn’t prepare my own lunch had to eat this sad excuse for a meal, didn’t enjoy it at all. )
16:08: 2 rice cakes with cottage cheese n tomato n water- snack
23:16: black coffee (very busy, skipped supper)


9/11/2013 Wednesday


09:14: 2 eggs n 1 slice low Gi seed loaf- breakfast
11:23: black coffee
13:41: brown rice n chicken- lunch
15:45: oats 1 tsp honey n cinnamon- pre-workout snack
19:06: veggie soup- supper
19:51: coffee with a dash of milk, no sugar

Diary (memory is bad but I think this is all we did in our session, I might be missing one or two somethings, also not 100% of all the names for what I did, hence ‘toe grip’ stretches lol)

17:50: Warm up- lunge stretch, walk n calf lift, knee lift, walk n calf lift, ankle stretch. Shoulder dips (plank position), wall sit butterfly/snow angle
18:00: 3 sets of 12 lunges, 3 sets 8 push ups, 3 sets 10 dips, 3 sets 10 one leg squats, 3 sets (attempted) 60 sec plank, 3 sets 30 sec wall sit
18:50: Foot to inner knee n toe grip, widen legs n sit forward, put other leg backward under bum n lay back

9/12/2013 Thursday (today)


09:00: 2 1/2 slices low gi seed bread with 1 small avo n slices tomato. black coffee
11:45: black rooibos
14:16: brown rice, chicken n a few sips of water

I’m still full right now so doubt I’ll have a pre-workout snack for tonight’s session. I’ll have veggie soup for supper again

Workout Banter:

  1. feeling like a perv when I ask my trainer to work me hard tonight cos I’ve been bad & deserve to be drilled 😮 #fitness #training

  2. @duncan0712 But I really do deserve it lol I want to be worked HARD!

  3. @duncan0712 jogging not my thing bra, I need the pushing and sweating & the shouting lmimc

” I’m done talkn lmj @Moegseen




4 responses to “Fitness Challenge Post #2

  1. Haha that’s what I feel like now that it’s become a habit. 60 seconds on the plank is very good btw 🙂 The pushups will become more also.

    Have the same issue with my wife who’s really not interested in healthy food all of the time. Also – I stay away from coffee. Too much stimulants screws with my system.

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