Stupid Story of the Day

At about 10 am I was getting cold and wanted my jacket from the car. I couldn’t find my car keys and specifically remember hanging it where I always do.

So after e-mailing everyone to be on the lookout, I suspect a colleague who I was ‘nasty’ to this morning took it to spite me. I phone around, nobody knows anything. I wait. I get angry.

At lunch time I phone the locksmith who quotes R680 to disarm the alarm and give a spare set of keys. I get pissed to the max and mentally curse the person who took it or thinks its funny.

In the mean time I have to do my work while worrying that nobody steals my car. My morning was now officially ruined and I kept telling myself to calm down cos it could be worse.

While waiting for the locksmith I tip out my bag a second time, scout my office and the rest of the building. By this time I want to cry cos I cant afford unnecessary shit like this.

Then somebody comes to me because they need something in my boss’ office (he is on leave)
Right then I realized the following and I shot up like a bolt of lightning:

This morning I was so busy and needed something in boss’ office. His office key was still in my car so I fetched it and went straight to HIS office. I then came out with only HIS office key. 

I ran into his office and saw my car keys on his desk and had to run back to phone the locksmith to cancel and everyone else who were worried.

If I could kick myself in the ass I really really would.


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