My Meal Plan

Breakfast Options

1.    ½ cup Oats with water + 1 tsp Honey + 1 tsp peanut butter

2.    2 egg omelette with Avocado and 1 slice Rye/Low GI

3.    2 slices Low Gi/Rye bread any protein source (100g)

Lunch Option 

a.    Any source of protein – 100g + carb

b.    1 cup starch can be – Sweet potato/ brown rice

c.     Vegetables/Salad – stick to green as much as possible

Supper option 

–      Protein source – 100g

–      Vegetables/salad (Stir fry/roast veg)

–      No Starch

Snack 1 & 2 options

·     Brown rice cakes (toppings – peanut butter/tuna/cottage cheese & cucumber)

·     Not more than 20 nuts per day (almonds, cashews, macadamia – Raw)

·     2-3 Boiled eggs

·     ½ tin tuna on Brown rice cakes


v Green Tea

v Black Coffee

v Rooibos tea

v Water

v Your own vegetable juices (home-made, no additives)

Stay away from:

Ø Fruit

Ø Chocolates

Ø Anything High GI

Ø Sweets

Ø Anything with more than 5g Sugar per 100g serving

Ø Sauces

Ø Fast food

Ø Processed foods

Ø Sodas

Ø Juice

The “stay Away from” list! *eek* No chocolate? Not even 2 blocks a week? No fruit or juice either? The latter are after-all mother natures sugars, so I shouldn’t be surprised. 

I will have to prep my meals during the week. I have oats for breakfast anyway so that’s no problem. Weekends I have scrambled eggs and I love avo, so no change there either. 

Basically my lunch would be replaced by what would’ve been a typical supper for me.  I’ll have to cook the night before and bring it to work but I’ll cook enough to last me 2 days at least. I’ll do the same preparation with suppers. One thing that throws me off balance is the absence of starch in supper. I’ve been raised in a place where no starch at a meal means it’s not supper. Even if you have eggs for supper, having bread with it will make it a valid dinner meal.

Potatoes, rice, pasta, it’s all the foundation of supper to me. I will have to get creative and work my way around that but it’s no biggy to me. I’d probably be so full of all the food I ate during the day that a light supper will be just the thing to keep me till breakfast. 

Weekends are usually my vice. We don’t eat take aways a lot but we attend many functions and visit often. I will have to be extremely strong willed and determined to say no to all the treats I’ll be facing this very Saturday coming at a party. 

All the options are quite reasonable and even though I’ll have to put a lot more effort into cooking, I definitely will not be starving. 

6 responses to “My Meal Plan

  1. The no starch for supper thing is a big obstacle to overcome. I usually have a small amount of sweet potato if I’m working out at night but try to minimise as much as possible. The veg will help you get past starch cravings. Almonds help me alot with that, as well as high cocoa dark choc. That’s later on though 🙂

  2. That pic looks good, it’s similar to what I had for breakfast this morning. Omelette with feta + oats + cili bao endurance meal / almonds / seeds

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