The beginning

Yesterday marked the first day of a new journey for me; my self inflicted fitness challenge. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve never been athletic. I suck at endurance sports but one thing that’s undeniable is that I honestly enjoy working out. It takes sheer will to get my lazy butt off the couch but when I do get active I never regret it. The happy endorphin’s after a workout is a real bonus.

Over the years I have unconsciously characterized myself as a physically weak person. One or two people may have mentioned it to me but I took it and stored it in my head and believed it. I always admire women who are dedicated to their fitness routines, whether they walk everyday or even do belly dancing.

A few years ago I joined a beginner’s yoga class and so thoroughly enjoyed it. When I belonged to a gym I enjoyed the group sessions but felt lost when it came to circuit training.

This year I’ve been able to maintain my weight but weight has never really been an issue for me (thank heavens). I have however been dissatisfied with the chubby face I saw in pictures or the muffin top my son so eagerly points out. My back flab is gross, I wont even mention the other issues. They’re all typical female body concerns.

Since I joined twitter and followed various fitness accounts I’ve been given regular doses of motivation and eye candy to mull over. I then decided that I needed to take action. I wanted to spoil myself for my birthday and thought, what a better way to renew myself and treat myself; I was going to take this stick of blubber I call my one and only body and get fit.

This is what I aspire to be:

not necessarily the pole throwing

not necessarily the pole throwing

I came across a personal trainer who fitted my budget and everything fell in place.

Yesterday after much emotional turmoil with nerves, excitement and social awkwardness, I met her. She’s absolutely darling, an angel actually. She hasn’t drilled me to the floor yet so my opinion may change but right now I am very confidant that this is going to work. She’s accommodating to the fact that I have a clingy toddler and have virtually 2 homes but she’s human just like me and understands that life happens.

She’s here to help me physically become my optimum self.

Read more on our actual session: Fitness Challenge Day 1

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