Fitness Challenge Post #1

On our first session we did the following:

hehe thankfully it wasn't this bad!

hehe thankfully it wasn’t this bad!

Current measurements: will fill in later

Weight: 51kg (note: I’m a halfling- very short person)

Before pics: oh lawd no

She reminded me not to take note of the scale because loosing fat and gaining muscle may not make you weigh less.

We discussed my capabilities, what activities I enjoy and what my goal is.

My capabilities: I have no prior training experience, I’m not active at all.

What I enjoy: Yoga and swimming. My level of endurance is non existing at the moment therefore I don’t enjoy running or walking. Last summer I did however enjoy cycling. Unfortunately I pushed myself too hard too fast and more often that not ended up seeing stars and nearly fainting. (Apparently pushing yourself results in throwing up and is common as well but I didn’t experience that. )

Any Illnesses: I developed heart arrhythmia during pregnancy that faded over these 2 years. I now randomly get heart palpitations mostly after sugar loaded food i.e. Vitamin Water, rich deserts etc. I get an asthma attack when I do hectic cardio.

My goal:  I’m giving myself 3 months to acquire my optimum physical form. She had me know that if I was super strict with my diet I could see ab lines on my flabby kangaroo pouch within four weeks.

Food is not necessarily a weakness for me but my mother is a master  baker. She also bakes most wonderful deserts for no apparent reason and then complain if we don’t eat the stuff. Fortunately for me, my mom is also a master chef and is able to whip up the most scrumptious balanced meals on request (and she’ll even fulfill that request if she feels like it)

Since I’m going full force with this, (I mean who says no to abs?) I told my trainer Z to draw up a meal plan as strict as she saw fit and I’d try my best to adhere.

I mentioned that I personally am no cook and that convenience was the order of the day, hence my pb&j sandwiches for lunch every single day. Nonetheless, I do find healthy food very appealing and have experienced that having brown rice instead of white makes me feel less bloated and weighed down, so I am going to give healthy food a fair chance.

Physical Training:

I showed her how I do squats, lunges and burpees. She showed me how to do it properly. It takes quite a bit of concentration not to tense up my shoulders and breathe properly. Because I sit on an office chair all day, my back and shoulders need loosening up. She showed me some stretching positions.

She also gave me a resistance band to hold while opening my arms using the back of my shoulders. Getting in tune with ones body makes one realize that there’s a big difference between doing an exercise and doing it right. I was proud that I was able to do all 15 with only feeling the burn at 12 but then again it was just a test. I’m sure it wont be that easy all way through. With hard work comes great reward.

She asked me if I wanted to compete in any competitions and I told her that I’m way too nervous for things like that. I don’t think I am capable, I don’t believe in myself enough. (And yes that sort of thinking needs to change) As a reward though, it would be awesome, no doubt about that.

And so begins my journey on the road to fitness. I want to do this for me, for my health, self confidence and to give my life some purpose right now. I want to be the person that can run up one flight of stairs without breathing heavily. The person that finds no difficulty in running a decent stretch on the beach without collapsing before diving in for swim. I want to be the person who can do actual proper push-ups. I want to be fit.

My diet journal : (don’t judge)

8/16/2013 Friday


02:29: Glen tea, 1sugar, milk, 1rusk, hungry (due to light supper)
08:30: 100ml plain jungle oats w hot water sum milk+ inch banana, coffee, 1sugar, milk (breakfast)
11:50: 2inches+ banana, marie biscuit- hungry
11:50: 3 slices brown bread with cheese, toasted. and Tea (lunch)
15:55: med lemon n 2 marie biscuits (cold remedy + snack)
18:45: liver with onion gravy n mash (supper)
20:45: 2 glasses of water for the day so far
21:23: 1 cup Milo, 1 rusk (cos its cccold)… gave me heart palpatations 20minutes later


8/17/2013 Saturday


07:44: 2 weetbix with 3/4 cup milk, black coffee 1 sugar (breakfast)
11:10: 2 slices brown toast, pb&j, tea, milk 1 sugar (brunch)
13:06: not hungry at all but going out n nt sure bout the food n my dads making eggs. 1 egg, 1 white slice toast, small cup rooibos tea 1 sugar
16:00: handful pnuts n slangetjies (1 saucer not full) at function
17:00: roeti n curry, slice of cake, black coffee 1 sugar (supper at function)


8/18/2013 Sunday


00:48: few fork fulls of rice, 2 bites of chicken pie- super hungry
08:36: 2slices white bread, pb&j plus coffee- (breakfast)
12:36: coffee n slice date loaf at moms (brunch/snack)
15:07: rooti, spoon full curry (sunday lunch)
18:36: half roti, some chicken curry (sunday supper)
21:07: 4 blocks chocolate n water
22:07: 3 glasses water today


8/19/2013 Monday


08:45: jungle oats 100ml with hot water, drop of milk n inch banana sliced in. coffee, drop milk n 1sugar (breakfast)
10:13: 3 inch banana, some pear n cranberry juice (thirsty n slightly peckish)
12:34: 3 slices white bread with egg, no butter, no sauce, some pear n cranberry juice (lunch)
13:31: (total of 200ml Purity pear & cranberry juice between breakfast n lunch)
16:02: one slice white bread with egg, no butter, no sauce, coffee drop milk, 1 sugar
18:01: haddock n pasta casserole with lots mix veg
19:01: 3 glasses water +/- for the day cos weather not so cold


13:03: 30 min table tennis
19:03: 20 jumping jacks, 10 crunches, 10 (half ) push ups, 10 calf raisers, 25 russian twists, 10 squats, 20 high knees, 10 reverse crunches, 5 sec plank, 4 sec side plank L&R

8/20/2013 Tuesday


07:01: 2 eggs, 1 slice low Gi whole weet, black coffee, 1 sugar (breakfast)
11:01: 1 glass water over 2 hrs
11:13: 2 weetbix, hot milk, teaspoon sugar, two inch + banana (brunch) (not completely satisfied… craving a muffin)
14:26: not entirely hungry, wish i had peanuts n raisins to snack on- will eat some pasta n haddock left overs with mix veg.
14:46: coffee, dash of milk, 1/2 tsp sugar
17:34: tea, milk 1 sugar, (no reason jst got home, form of relaxation) small bit trail mix, (finishing sons snack)
19:03: haddock n pasta n mix veg supper
21:49: water 1 glass


07:03: 20 half push ups(knees on the ground)… (ok these turned out to be non push-ups)

8/21/2013 Wednesday 


06:01: 2 weetbox, milk n sugar, half glass water
08:49: coffee, one slice pb&j brown bread
10:49: trail mix
13:47: 3 slices pb&j brown bread, rooibos tea, 1 sugar, no milk
15:30: not hungry or thirsty, got free bite size lunchbar n bite size cadbury ‘slab’. had coffee with it, milk 1 sugar
19:02: brown rice n mince tomato breedie with baked beans
20:02: glass of water


13:02: 30 minute Table tennis, got heated

 I didn’t fill this this passed weekends meals I’ll start my diet journal today again. I’ll update my diet journal weekly and hope I can do the same with my training routines. 

I’ve created a new category called Fitness, all relative updates can be found there.

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    • I was pretty sure her scale was a bit off but hey I’m not going to argue lol
      Before this I tried to do some cardio every Sunday before making lunch, its the only time I actually had time to myself. Don’t be too strict or hard on yourself, take it slow but making the effort will get you there 😉

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