Nursery School progress

M woke up at 2 am this morning due to his nap schedule being thrown off yesterday. Needless to say he was sleeping on his best when it was time to get up for school.

I did what I needed to do, packed everything into the car, got dressed and at 7.40 am woke him up. Every time I turned him around, he’d just make himself comfortable in a new position. Once I started undressing him he moaned a bit. Anyway, we got done in no time, because when he’s awake he’s so full of energy . He wouldn’t stay still for 2 seconds, which makes dressing him my morning workout. This morning however was much easier because he just lay there moaning with his eyes closed. By the time his teeth was brushed and his face cleaned he woke up and started chatting. When he’s in a good mood (which has been since he recovered from a cold early this month) he is such a pleasant, fun, ‘relatively’ co-operative child.

Being a Monday and considering how I had to sit with him on my chest to get him to sleep last night, I thought this morning might be tearful. However, when we pulled up at creche, I didn’t hear a peep. As a distraction, I told him he has to show his friends and teacher his new shoes (he insisted on putting his new red sneaker’s on instead of his (also new) blue sandals)

When I took him out of the car, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he wasn’t teary at all and in fact he was in such a good mood that for the first time in 2 months, I could put him down after entering the gates. I then held his hand as we walked to the class. When he saw his teacher he laughed and showed her his shoes.

I usually need to run out because if I linger too long he starts wanting to come back to me. I only now realize that in my haste to leave this morning I didn’t even say goodbye because he walked straight in without turning around.

Last week the teacher said that he’s made good progress. He plays more often with the kids, he wants to feed himself and when he’s tired he doesn’t wait for anyone he just goes to nap on his own. (at first he didn’t nap at all, after a few weeks he would only nap if teacher lay with him),

The first week he started creche (1st July) he got ear and throat infection. Beginning of August he got sick again. The doctor tried to talk me out of sending him because he doesn’t believe in kids going to school before 2 years old. However as a working mom my choices are limited and I’m not comfortable with leaving him alone with a day mom. I know he would feel more at ease if he saw other kids around. Another reason I sent him was because he needed to socialize more. Besides, his immune system would take a knock regardless of which age I send him.

I can see progress in his social behavior. He’s less reluctant to play with other kids (without me or his dad being right there with him). When we’re with a lot of people he isn’t used to like at someones house, he eases up quicker. He’s still weary of strangers but I think that’s a good thing, although it’s a bit embarrassing when he doesn’t go to some family members but hey I can’t force the kid. A major plus for me is the fact that he eats much better now. Before we had to trick him into eating and even then he would sometimes go without a proper meal all day. Now he eats so well I’m sometimes surprised that so much food goes into such a tiny person.

All in all I do not regret sending him to nursery school. I am also very happy with the teachers and how they handle him. They have a lot of patience and they seem genuinely fond of him.

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