An angel on earth, a gift from God. You are our family’s light and pathway to the Garden of Paradise.

Your name fittingly means; thankful. We are thankful that we were chosen to care for you and love you. We are thankful that we have been graced with the presence of an eternally pure being and are able to call you our own. I long for the day we meet you at one of the blessed fountains in the hereafter and finally get to know you. Even if our conversation lasts fifteen minutes, it would be a gift I would be sincerely grateful for. 

Have a blessed birthday my dear sister, may you be granted health and happiness for decades to come. And may I always be a part of your life In Sha Allah. 

This post is dedicated to my mentally challenged, twin sister who has never spoken. 


5 responses to “Shakira

  1. Inshaa Allah, aameen. A happy birthday to Shakira 🙂

    This post touched my heart. My eldest (of 3) sister’s name is Shakira and I don’t know how I would cope if I haven’t spoken to any of my sisters. You are brave. and she is lucky to have you in her life 🙂

    • Thumma Ameen. Yes it is challenging sometimes because I have a beautiful sister and yet it feels like I don’t have a sister at all because our interaction is very limited/ one sided. Shukran for your kind comment and have a blessed Eid In Sha Allah.

      • I can only imagine. Allah has His divine reason why life unfolds this way, and who better to trust than the Almighty? 🙂

        Thanks, Eid Mubarak to you 🙂

  2. profoundly deep, soulful and moving. But i feel though your sister has not spoken a word , she has not lost the art of communication, though she cant express her feelings , she hasnt lost her emotions, though she cant recite poetry in words, she can still express ‘i love you’ from her heart. and perhaps the role she has been entrusted by God is for a unique purpose as you mention, that of a guardian angel. Have a blessed Eid

    • Yes she has emotions, she has likes & dislikes. Her condition isn’t textbook so its hard to explain. She has the PHYSICAL capabilities of a toddler e.g. she can walk but she can’t speak.But basically she lives in ‘her own world’, she doesn’t pay much attention to us and doesn’t really ‘communicate’ with us on a social level. Therefore; like I commented above, our interaction is very limited and one sided. That is why I feel like I don’t really know her. Thank you for your comment.

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