Nursery School

Note: My son has never been to play school or been left alone with anyone without his 4 parents (his dad, mom, grandma and grandpa) around. 

Day  hand-over report pick-up by Ma 3:30 Pick-up at Ma by me 5:30 At night
1 Monday hysterical fine but teary, no food, snacks only, no nap cried when saw ma happy to see me sleep like a log
2 Tuesday not as hysterical less teary, napped, snacks, little food moaned, no tears happy to see me sleep well
3 Wednesday vocally unhappy, no tears no tears, snacks, little food, napped no tears happy to see me, not that happy to leave Ma’s restless
4 Thursday no tears, reaches out for teacher plays happily, eats, no nap no tears happy to see me, refuses to leave Ma very restless
Friday refuses to leave Ma, doesn’t trust me, cries when I want to take him- spends day with Ma not entirely happy to leave with daddy but fine very restless
Saturday fussy, cranky, crying sleep ok
Sunday fussy, cranky, crying a lot restless
5 Monday vocally unhappy, some kicking plays happily, eating well, no nap I pick up at 4, make a turn by Ma and trick him into leaving very restless
Tuesday Mom & baby bonding day. Went to mall & took him to Dr due to unsual crankiness and constant crying, no eating- Has sore throat and ear, blocked nose. Germs picked up at creche to be expected.
6 Wednesday Armed with meds, sent to creche- some kicking, lots of tears but definitely knows this routine now. – no reports as yet

The toughest part of this transition was seeing his face utterly confused and alarmed when I left him with complete strangers and said goodbye. 

Also I can visibly see his will being broken down and see him restraining his emotions. When we were at the Dr. in May he screamed and cried murder. Yesterday however, I was proud to see him controlling himself but at the same time my heart hurt to hear the whimpering that escaped his throat as he held his cries in while tears flowed freely down his cheeks. The Dr isn’t keen on kids going to nursery school before two years old but I still believe it will be more beneficial to have him there as apposed to staying at home.

These two weeks have definitely been emotionally challenging but I can see progress and growth in my boy so I am satisfied. Every morning in the car I tell him that I will drop him off at creche to play with his friends while I am at work. I tell him that I will fetch him later. I hope that by next week he will settle in better, start reaping the benefits of creche and actually enjoy it. 

Me and my happy, trusting baby Monday morning


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