Its on like donkey kong

Oh yeah, oh yeah! *Doing the chicken dance*

I’m so excited right now. I’ve decided to make a big sacrifice. Instead of spending my birthday money (my salary) on any of these: odeon-0732-49353-1-catalog ironfist-3469-86094-1-product plum-3312-47135-2-product















I’ve decided to invest in my health. 

If you remember >this post < you’ll know that I’m not the fittest bird in town. When i look at myself in pictures now days I notice that I look quite chubby. I know that my clothes don’t fit any more and that I wear a size bigger but I never paid attention to it. This is something I always said I want to avoid; when people told me, “you’re not fat, you have nothing to worry about.” I told them that I realize I’m not over weight, but keeping it that way is what I worry about. Also, being this unfit is scary to be honest. I’ve been told by many of my male friends that I’m physically weak. (Hitting them hurt me more then it did them) It irked me to no end but I never did anything about it. Heaven forbid anything happened to me, how will I defend myself? 

It’s for this reason that I am now determined to get myself together. When browsing the internet for meal plans and training routines I’ve felt overwhelmed by it all and without knowing where to start, I never did. This time however instead of roaming around in the gym like a lost soul I’m going to use a personal trainer. I came across this young lady’s card and made contact with her. To my surprise she only charges R250 – R300 an hour and will meet me at home or where ever I want at what ever time I want. She’ll provide me with nutrition guidelines and the whole shebang. 

We plan to do a 3 month program and see how I progress. As Ramadan commences in two weeks, we’ll start from the third week of August. In the meantime I’ll try my utmost to eat healthy balanced meals and avoid the traditional Ramadan goodies:rama

(ironically people go all out crazy with sweet & savory finger food during Ramadan) 




I am posting this information, not only because I’m at work and can’t scream with excitement out loud, but also because its a form of commitment in black and white. 

I truly am so excited. I know what I want and if there’s any chance I could gain this body, I will sweat blood if I have to.








Just kidding, the below image will suffice!

So my goals are to get fit, tone up and strengthen my muscles. 

PS: My birthday is 5th August, if anyone feels I still ‘deserve’ those shoes here’s the link; I’m into platform peep toe heels 😉 


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