On being hugged by a black guy

I love languages and I am proudly South African, a good combination since SA has 11 official languages. I loved this post by nanuschka, it shows that even in the humdrum of our busy lives it doesn’t hurt to stop and give someone a compliment. It also shows how awesome our people are.

Nanuschka's Blog

South Africa, the country of my birth. The only country, in fact, I have ever known. I have always been proudly South African; I love this place, truly, deeply and passionately. Sure it has it’s problems, but then again, as does all countries, hey?

Our land is filled with a multitude of races, religions, cultures and languages. We don’t have only “Africans” and “Caucasians”. We have Blacks, Whites and Colored natives. We also have Indians, Asians, and many more – we embrace them all. It is the multitude of languages (we have 11 National Languages), however that reduced me to tears this afternoon. Language and shame left me standing there at the side of the road next to a taxi with a young black chap embracing me.

Let me start at the beginning.

When I got to the taxi rank this afternoon, this young black guy, about 25 years old…

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