Red light for Killarney?

How can they want to shut down the only race track in the Western Cape? They should instead, be upgrading it like the other provinces have done with their tracks.


WILL IT END?: ENCA has filmed a video about residents complaining about the noise pollution coming from Killarney race track outside Cape Town. Image: Youtube

Every few years residents surrounding the Killarney Race Track just outside Cape Town complain about the noise pollution coming from the track.

eNews Channel Africa (ENCA) spoke to some residents who have a difficult time dealing with the noise being emitted from the track on race days and nights. They also interviewed some racers and spectators at the track. Hear what they had to say in the video.

Watch the video

The Killarney circuit might only be about 53 years old, but its racing heritage dates back to 1928 – long before any of the development took place around it. When the track was built many years ago, it was about the only thing that side of the Cape and far…

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2 responses to “Red light for Killarney?

  1. The people in the shacks and nearby housing (that was all put up after the track) are complaining that the noise is getting too much. Seriously how is once every week and most times only once every 2nd week too much?

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    • Exactly. The point we’re all trying to make is that Killarney was there first and they CHOSE to live there afterwards. So many people use that track for sport and recreation. So many youngsters choose Killarney to relieve their need for speed instead of doing it on the street. Racing and drifting is huge in Cape Town. Government will be sitting with a huge problem if they close Killarney.

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