“My Book is a Failure – So am I.” The Fear of Failure

I am not my book!
I’ve almost finished my novella but I’m struggling to oomph it up. I need to remind myself that I cannot fail because I’ve already achieved my goal of + 20 000 words.

Ruth Ellen Parlour

Fear of the UnknownRight?


If you link the outcome of failures to your self worth – you are bound to feel like a failure. You are NOT your book! This is vital to overcoming the fear of failure.

Treat failed attempts as feedback.

How do you react to criticism? If you become aware of a strong reaction, try taking a step back and thinking objectively. It might be because you’re connecting who you are as a person with your work, goals etc. Your drives might be fuelled by emotion – that’s fine – but it’s good to distance the outcomes and criticism, from your identity beliefs.

I published my debut novel last year, I have some good reviews, a few bad ones, I haven’t sold many copies. So? I’m not a bestseller yet. Does that mean I’m a failure? No. What have I learned from my self-publishing experiment? A whole…

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7 responses to ““My Book is a Failure – So am I.” The Fear of Failure

  1. You are not a failure and nor is your book. You have it in you to write, I can see it in your writing.. You just need to find your story. You have the first part done. You need to reach your climax and then your ending. I’m looking forward to the rest, and I believe you can finish it. I have faith in your writing.

    • I know that somewhere inside this thick skull is a good story. I just need to get my lazy brain to work again. Your faith in me is a good motivator 😛

      • Just choose a character and let him find her. And work from there. Even leave CT and her alone and head back to the states, where the character starts looking for her? Go from there. Just a suggestion 🙂

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