My blog goal

When I started this blog, I had a goal; my goal was to express myself. I didn’t have any specific subject that I wanted to focus on or any time limits, but I knew I wanted to post regularly. Sometimes I’d publish 3 posts a day, sometimes I’d run dry but I don’t remember ever skipping a whole week without posting. Even while I concentrated on my first novella I still kept in touch with ‘my alley’.

My goal is stated clearly in my about page; I wanted to post about anything and everything that I wanted to discuss or reflect on and I did just that. I noticed that certain posts got more attention than others besides the fact that Daily Prompt naturally brings on an audience. But that didn’t sway me to restrict myself or concentrate on what I thought people want to read (that’s way too much pressure).

I just stuck to what I wanted to do as this blog was here to fulfill MY needs. In staying true to myself I have become a better blogger and hope to only improve. I’ve also read up on writing tips and how to improve my blog, which does help as well.

Recently I’ve hit a creative wall and seem to have become stagnant but what’s life without a few challenges right?  I’m proud to say that I definitely did achieve my goal and am still going strong.

I know this isn’t the Emmy’s but I do want to thank my loyal followers, for not only reading my stuff but also for having faith that I will post something worth reading again.


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