Good News

Deciding to apply for a bond (mortgage) was a big decision for DH and I, especially since we don’t have any money for a deposit. The need for our own space however was overwhelming so we dove in head first. We made inquiries at a housing development nearby. Everything about it is perfect, it’s location, it’s proximity to Mogi-chan’s nursery school and my job plus their plans to build a primary school, high school, library, clinic and shops. There’s nothing to dislike. The size of the home that best suited our pocket was chosen and thankfully it is one of the best options available. Perfect.

When I first got the message that our bond application was approved it felt like the best news since I found out I was pregnant. It was such a wonderful feeling; big news, big changes, new possibilities.

Then I found out that only 90% of the bond was approved. This was a big disappointment. It meant that we had to fork out much more than we thought we’d ever require (we planned to sell our second car for a deposit but now we needed more!). It left me stressed and unhappy. I calculated and recalculated our budget. I was told not to give up but I nearly did. I had to remind myself that this was only one in 3 applications but my mind told me to prepare, in case this was the best we could get. It was ridiculous actually. The installment worked out to more than 10% of the bond that they were willing to grant us. It didn’t even make sense.

After a few phone calls from Bank A, I felt slightly pressured to sign and get it over with but I told the them that I’m waiting for other banks to still get back to me. After much deliberation, tears and nearly calling the whole thing off. I was encouraged by my loved ones and assured by others in the same boat to go for it and everything will work out. I decided to phone bank B & C for their answer. Bank B flat out unapproved, wow I was shocked, then again maybe I wasn’t.

Bank C’s mechanical call operator gave me options and told me I could find out the status of my application by inputting the reference/account number.

I did so and a robotic voice told me that my application was granted. I didn’t think anything of it except that I knew good news was in store for me. The operator, the human one, then confirmed that my bond was 100% approved (This includes the deposit that we never had!). I was elated but then immediately my emotional self-preservation kicked in and I didn’t feel anything ‘just in case’. Only after sharing the news with DH and getting the quote did I realize that my repayment would be a grand less than bank A wanted from me. After a few weeks of arranging with the agent and doing admin, I had time to process the information.

Now having a Pinterest account actually meant something other than doodling and ‘liking’ things I liked. I could actually implement this awesome stuff in my new home and implement the lifestyle that I want to live with my family without having to consult with or run it by a housemate. We could just live our lives.

That’s when it became exciting to me again. My brain can’t comprehend the enormity of owning my own house but I know its a massive achievement. If it was anyone else I’d be congratulating that person. It’s a major investment after all.

So slowly I’m allowing myself to be happy without reserve or ‘what-ifs’. I’m just going to be happy because its freaking fantastic.



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