Needs VS Wants

Since putting in an application for a home loan, I’ve been more stressed than excited. After days of calculating and re-calculating my budget, I came close to cancelling the whole idea of getting my own home. 

During this time I’ve also worked out ways I could save up money and I came up with a list of things I could sell. One list included all the bits and bops I bought for my son before he was born.  I intended to keep these things in case I have another baby, however I’ve come to realize that I don’t need those things. I hardly used it when he was a baby plus I wouldn’t have place to store it any way. So many first time moms are bombarded with all these gadgets and ‘must-haves’ that they feel they’ll be doing themselves and their babies a disservice if they don’t get it. Most moms-to-be cannot afford it and end up feeling bad about not being able to give their babies these ‘necessities’. 

The thing is; it’s not necessities at all, its luxuries! Our parents didn’t even have disposable nappies for Pete’s sake. Somewhere along the line, convenience items took over and the more we bought into it the more businesses popped up with crap we would never need but still desperately want

Some examples: 

Baby Milk Espresso Machine. No need for the “cups” because you use the formula you want and it mixes, heats and sterilizes it for you!

  • Fancy burp cloths- whats wrong with a cloth nappy over your shoulder? 
  • Baby food processor- whats wrong with your regular processor? Never mind that whats wrong with your masher? 
  • All these medicine dispensers- it doesn’t work people, use a syringe.
  • Baby baths- a bucket works just fine, the kid won’t know the difference.
  • Prams with temperature control- are you kidding me? 

I wont even mention the toys. The kid is happier playing with the box it came in. 

I suppose we all want the best for our kids but the way goods are marketed makes some people genuinely feel financially pressurized and stressed about weather they can afford to survive with a baby. Just think about how your mom or her mom coped without these things, you turned out ok, didn’t you? (withholding sarcastic comeback) 

By acknowledging this fact that I’ve known all along I find myself applying it to the rest of my life. When we moved into our current home, I got rid of bags and bags of ‘stuff’ (like clothes I never wore since high school) and I still feel there’s more we can purge. 

At the end of the day there is so little that we need to actually survive on. All these fancy things are convenient and nice to have but to live simply we can get by without it and we wont even miss it. 


iPad typewriter- I MUST HAVE THIS!

I’ve taken a step back and changed my way of thinking. When we move into our new house, I don’t want to move with all our clutter. We’re three people but I have 2 shoe boxes of cutlery. In our new home there wont be space to accommodate more than 8 people at a time so logically we’ll never even use all of it. 

Purge. Let go of trinkets that serve no purpose. Clutter that surrounds us eventually starts cluttering up our mind and affects us negatively. 

From now on I’d like to actively try to live simpler. Moving in to a empty house will help a great deal in living that lifestyle.  However it doesn’t take a life-altering event to make this happen. We can all improve our lifestyles someway. It just takes a bit of effort at first but once you adopt that mentality and lifestyle, it becomes easier and second nature. 

It doesn’t mean that I wont be trendy anymore or have nice things.  

Clutter free- All it needs is a chandelier and livelier wall art.

I’ll live a healthier, uncluttered life. I could save money by implementing the motto ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’. Unplug all these gadgets, switch off lights in rooms we’re not using, catch rain water and use it in the garden etc etc. No more high electricity and water bills. Not only will my family and I benefit but so will the environment we live in. 

At this point I no longer feel stressed about our quality of living when we embark on our new journey. I look forward to living a new lifestyle with my family  in our very own home. 


4 responses to “Needs VS Wants

  1. So true! I am also getting rid of clutter, ok trying to as mu husband is a bit of a hoarder.

    • Its harder when you have to rope others in and get them to have the same attitude. I think the way you approach the matter will make a big difference. My husband has a collection of CAR Magazine dating back to the nineties. He insists that he definitely needs it, going to be hard to get rid of that *eek*

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