The burning question

Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway

by michelle w. on May 7, 2013

Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging.

If you’re a new blogger, what’s one question you’d like to ask other bloggers?

I don’t have any advice sorry but I do have a question that’s been roaming my empty head for a while.

I realize that this isn’t Twitface, Mytube or any other social network. Also I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to my reading material and I am certain that many other bloggers feel the same, hence my modest follower count.

However I am very curious to know how people who only have one mediocre post or people who still have their ‘About’ page in default mode, gets over a hundred followers? HOW?

In the meantime thanks to some good advice from: LIKEREADINGONTRAINS, I have decided to make an effort to read more posts and material from other bloggers. I’ll also not just ‘like’ their stuff but actually follow them, after all I may just like more of their posts in future. I guess I’ve just realized that if I expect others to give me a chance, I should do the same.


18 responses to “The burning question

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  2. That’s the spirit!

    About your question, my guess is that they “advertise” (shameless plugging or outright asking someone) their blog to wherever else they are on the Internet. They don’t limit themselves on social networking sites but they’re also on fan pages and forums.

    Or those followers–or some of them, at least–could actually be people the blogger knows in real life.

      • I think the only reason people have SO MANY followers is because they go around following anyone – kinda like Twitter. I have 5 followers. You’re the only one one I actually know. I write because I enjoy it -I don’t do it to inform people or in hope that someone will read it. It’s there if someone wants to read it, but I don’t expect my friends or anybody for that matter, to follow me.

      • Most of my family and friends don’t even know I have a blog. I think if I knew they read it, it would affect the way I write and what I post.

      • I felt that way as well, but then I thought to myself about what I want for the future, and I’ve always seen myself as a writer. I’ve been writing since my teens. I wrote my first book when I was 16 (it’s sitting in rough draft somewhere in my mother’s flat in SA). I’ve always signed my work using a pen-name, until now. I have a FB page for my blog, and all my friends and family know about it. I figured it’s the best way to deal with criticism and to learn for the future.

        My first blog about Adam, was the first time I openly told the world that my son is autistic. Some of my friends didn’t even know. I think if you truly want to be a writer, you need to write without thinking about hurting others or consequences, or what they may think of you – if it’s the truth!

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  4. I don’t have a hundred followers either… but I’ve been blogging everyday and I’ve been visiting other people, and leaving comments and likes when I like the post or I;m in the mood 😉 It can be time consuming though… anyway, a few people who like your work and continue to interact with you is better than a lot of people who visit once and don’t return, right? Have a good day! : )

  5. They are like seasonal toadstools who’ll be gone by the turn of the year. Oh yeah, there years may turn out to be longer than usual, but still!

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