Recipe for decision making

Daily Prompt: Decisions, Decisions

by michelle w. on April 12, 2013

How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

I rely heavily on my instincts. In many situations in my work and personal life, my instincts often kicked in long before my brain caught up. For example; I met a new colleague and she was perfectly nice, however from the very beginning I didn’t like her. There was something about her that bugged me so much but I could never place my finger on what the problem was. I thought that perhaps I was just a nasty person, I thought I was judging the fact that she wasn’t very ‘clued up’ and made so many mistakes that I had to fix. After a few months I did a check on her work, I wont go into detail as to why but I did.

There I discovered that after playing dumb, the woman was clever enough to crook the books and steal money (from an NGO) on a daily basis for 4 months. The amount was over 20k. Finally I knew why I hated her guts. The same gut feeling has kept me vigilant and aware of my surroundings without overshadowing the lighter side of life. Its saved me from harm a number of times.

Before I make rash decisions based solely on my gut though, I think it through critically. I try to make sense of my reason for feeling that way and I try to find a solution to dealing with the issue in a way that will benefit all parties involved- of course I will take myself (and/or my child and husband) into account first and foremost.

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I am currently in a situation where my acute perception has revealed something unpleasant in my personal life. It affects me directly and possibly my child and husband too. I cannot however simply remove myself from the situation because it will affect other people as well, people who’s feelings we have to consider. I was very unhappy this week and hardly slept one night because of what had transpired. What I did then was consult the one Go-to that I trust above all else. My Creator.

Now I don’t mean for this post to be a sermon, I am no preacher. But this is ultimately how my decisions are verified.

I strongly believe that through all my life My Creator has pulled me through and made me the strong person I am today. My confidence never falters and I know I can face anything because The Almighty is on my side.

So the night my shoulders were burdened and my heart was heavy, I cleansed myself and put my head to the ground in supplication. I asked my provider and confidant to guide me, as I had no idea how to resolve this matter. Faith, I learned, is something you have to fully and completely surrender yourself to. For example; if you’re phoning God asking for something, how can he deliver your package, if you keep begging & don’t put the darn phone down? Let it go; it isn’t easy but this is a skill I’ve had to practice, since mastering this, I live an almost stress-free life. (Except when internet is slow!)

I fully and completely put my trust in God, I said; “I put this matter in your hands, please favour me as you always do and sort it out.” The very next day my prayer was answered; it came to me and stared me in the face saying, “here I am- your solution.” It’s something I never really considered before but now it came to me as it was sent. My eyes are open and I see it. Problem solved, decision made.

My Recipe For Decision Making

  • 2 parts Instinct
  • 1 part rational analyzing of options
  • 1 part weighing the repercussions of desired outcome
  • 100% Faith that your final decision will be the best one

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