Me @ 22

I had such a chuckle just now. I Googled myself and came up with quite a list of forums and profiles I’ve signed up to. The internet is extremely stalker-friendly  therefore I had to delete a few but can’t remember the password to some. 

I just came across my profile on Prodigits! It was/is a chat site that I wasn’t really active on but a friend of mine persuaded me to join. Below is my profile, compiled at the tender age of 22. If I was asked what my favourate age was I without hesitation would say 22. I was old enough to be legally responsible and fly the nest but I was still young enough to party hard and make stupid mistakes that could quickly be remedied without complication. Life was easy and mostly care-free.

Since then, a few things have changed. In my profile I come across as quite bubbly and off-beat. I hope that I haven’t completely lost that aspect of my youth. Excuse the short-hand, it was a cellphone chat site after all. 

Nickname: mogispie

Age: 22 pic2

Gender: Female

Birthday: 050885

Marital Status: Married

Star Sign: Leo

City/Suburb: United States of Cape Town

Country: South Africa

Height: Dinno bt ima bit short

Weight: 45-48kg

Body Type: Slim

Ethnic Origin: Mixed Race

Hair: Changes colour evry season

Eyes: Brown

Makes Me Happy: Being on holiday. The beach, eating, cute kids doing silly stuf makes me happy. O yes n my hubby!

Makes Me Sad: Rude ppl. Crime. Pollution, bad hair days n getting fat.

Interests: All sorts of art n design. Love graffiti. Surfing (waves and also the net)… on a deeper level the history n dinamics of Islam n other religions.

Profession: Creditors clerk

Bad Habits: I get upset quickly n take things 2 personal.

Good Habits: Im a gd listener n lyk making ppl fl gd bout thmselves thats only if they’re nt conceited..duh

Team: Man. United.. Wel dat ws a lng tym ago nw its Teamo Supremo. ‘baza…woopa..chika’

Singer/Band: Jamali, sugar babes..dts music i cn sing to

Music: Rnb, house, alternate. Pop n other as lng as its nt rap

TV Show: Two n a half men, heroes. Sex n the city. Wil n grace.. Most sitcoms n top billing. Also eastern mosaic..

Food: 2 many 2 mention.. Bt italian da mst

Author: Dnt really read bks bt Nora Roberts is cool. I lyk adventure/ fantasy

Movie: Phantom of the opera.. Seriously :$

Animal: Nt in2 animals, humans r alredy a handful

Place: The beach, the mall(wen i hav money)..My bedroom

Thing: Internet rules!

More About Me: Im a ex punk who’s grown up a bit bt im stil the chilled out chick i always ws. Ive married recently n am goin thru sum changes, id lyk 2 gt in2 contact wt chix who r also at ths point in their lives n any1 who js wana b freinds. Strictly no pervs pls. If theres anythn else u wna kno thn js hola at me. X  :-*


3 responses to “Me @ 22

  1. Im on there as well, Think Cyrax07 (was my graffiti tag name for a while and a Mortal Combat character)

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