Animals have feelings too

Since working for the SPCA I’ve been exposed to the harsh realities animals face daily. Before I knew but I didn’t really know. 

As a bookkeeper who keeps busy with numbers all day I truly admire the strength our inspectors and clinic staff possess. I won’t go into the gory details but between the cat stuck on a roof and the dog who needs sterilization, the things they see on a daily basis is gut wrenching and shocking. Dog fighting, Horse racing, circus animals, caging, breeding, inhumane methods of slaughter houses, the cruelty and abuse is endless. It’s no wonder most of my colleagues are vegan. By the way tying your dog up for long hours ( especially with no shelter and water) is considered abuse and that might seem obvious but its unbelievably common in our neighbourhoods. 

Honestly I can’t tell half the stories my colleagues can but after seeing pictures they took and videos, I prefer not knowing. I react emotionally and end up in rage, so I prefer capturing figures in my oblivious bubble. 

Working here has opened my eyes and taught me things people take for granted. Yes we all know dogs have super hearing, so do you take that into account when you’re setting off fireworks? If a Dog can hear a grasshopper eat, imagine what a firecracker sounds like.

During these festivities, we’re inundated with stray animals, most of which have fled their homes trying to escape the sounds. Animals are knocked by vehicles while running away etc.  Many people don’t realize and prepare for things like this which end up in catastrophe for the pets they claim to love. 

We’ve consequently developed an education team who works with schools to teach children how to take care of their pets. Thought of giving a bunny to your kid for Easter? Cute right? Not so cute when the novelty wears off and you realize that maintaining this pest isn’t so cool anymore, and when the rabbit starts breeding…

There are benefits to working here too. I get to play with puppy dogs and kittens everyday, even cows and horses. We also have a Wildlife care facility which is essential. 

There is  a lot you can do to help the voiceless, innocent creatures out there but it may be overwhelming for some. I suppose I can request that potential pet owners think hard before buying a dog in a store (or illegally from a random uncertified breeder) just because it looks cute or cool (some youngsters buy vicious dogs thinking it’ll make them look cool). And that current pet owners educate themselves on how to properly take care of their animal as sometimes specific breeds have certain needs. Also know that some animals are not under any circumstances fit as pets and should stay in the wild where they belong. 

If after considering all the facts and repercussions, you  still want to commit to a lifetime with a domestic animal, go to your nearest animal shelter. They might not be pedigrees but they too  can provide the same amount of unconditional love. 

Lifes better shared

Typical day at the office

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10 essentials of pet care
Like you, your pet needs important things every day to live a healthy, happy life.
1. Water
Ensure that your pet always has fresh drinking water. Check that the water bowl is always full – and cleaned regularly – and is not left in the sun.
2. Food
Give your pets nutritious, balanced food that’s made especially for them. Adding leftovers to your pet’s food can be detrimental to their health and you should never feed your dogs small bones (e.g. chicken bones).
3. Shelter
Ensure that your pet has appropriate shelter to protect him from rain, cold and heat. Some animals need protection from noise, wind and other conditions.
4. Exercise
Exercise improves the physical and mental health of dogs – and their owners. Playing is also a form of exercise and a great stress reliever, so have fun with your pets.
5. Love
Pets need attention. Give your pets the love they need.
6. Sterilisation
Dogs and cats should be sterilised when they’re six months old – before they have a chance to have one litter. There are too many pets and too few homes. Unspayed females (and their offspring) eventually lead to thousands more unwanted animals being born.
7. Vaccinations and veterinary care
Just as children are immunised against lifethreatening illnesses, pets also need vaccinations to protect them from disease. Your vet or SPCA can advise you on the correct vaccination schedule. Veterinary care is important to your pet’s health – and life.
8. Ticks, fleas, worms
These are harmful and can cause illness. Use proper pet care products to control ticks and fleas. NEVER use dog products on cats and make sure the product is suitable for the age of the animal being treated. Ask your vet or SPCA for advice.
9. Identification
Make sure that your dog wears a collar and identity disc. You should be able to fit two fingers between your dog’s collar and his neck. Cats should only wear special cat collars with a quick release clip, to ensure that they do not strangle themselves.You can also have your pet microchipped by a vet. A tiny microchip – the size of a grain of rice – is programmed with your contact details and injected under the skin. This information can be read with a scanner that most vets and animal shelters have. A microchip is an identification device; it can’t be used to track an animal.
10. Freedom from harm
Mistreating animals is cruel – and it’s against the law. If you know of an animal being neglected or abused in any way, please report it to your local SPCA.


16 responses to “Animals have feelings too

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  3. Just reading your post makes me sad for those abused animals and makes me wanna try harder to be a vegetarian. I really can’t understand why some crazy people have the guts to torture animals.

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  9. I’ve gotten many a pet from people who thought it would be “cute” as a Christmas/ Easter/ birthday gift then discovered they just weren’t in to the upkeep (or the babies!) SPCA has got to be a hard place to work sometimes, but it’s a good place, many of my dogs and cats over my lifetime have come from there 🙂

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