Enjoying my hobby

I’m still getting my head wrapped around this writing fixation. I must mention again since I’ve gained a few followers this past week (thanks guys); note, I have had no training in writing, everything I have done and will do is completely self-taught. Therefore if ever I should break any ‘rules’ of writing, know that I am unaware of any such rules. I rely exclusively on my 12 years of public education and remember very little thereof. So with that in mind, you may now criticize my work.

I’ve been at it all week last week; during lunch breaks, tea breaks and at home between feeding, bath time and story time. I’ve skipped my usual series marathons at night too. I have to do this because when I’m inspired and my mind is creative I need to get everything out as soon as possible lest I forget what I’ve been thinking and how I want to construct sentences and scenarios.

I really enjoy watching my story unfold, my main character even had her name changed last Friday and it suits her so much better. I also re-wrote a scene, it’s a similar event that takes place but it’s so different in that, it no longer takes place on a Sunday afternoon but Monday morning at 3 am, and the supporting character in that scene has been replaced by a dog. The way it evolved is so gratifying and I’m proud that I’m not so attached to an idea that I’m not open for change, which obviously would be counterproductive for creativity. It’s also as if I know a secret nobody else does, I know something that happened to my character and nobody will ever know that it happened that way.

Nonetheless it’s been quite consuming and after attending a function yesterday I was so tired, we all were. I therefore made a conscious choice not to do any writing and to try to stop thinking about my story. We turned in early (DH, Bubs & I) and by 10 pm I woke up and was wide awake till 3 am watching series.

As I’m typing this I’m actively trying to keep my eyes open because they’re burning from fatigue. In addition, this morning I just grabbed my weekend bag, which means my spectacles are in my work bag = strained eyes + headache.


If my characters are nagging at me to get their stories done, I’d like to tell them to shut up and leave me alone, please. But don’t leave me alone too long though, I don’t want writers block that sucks. 


4 responses to “Enjoying my hobby

  1. I completely lack creativity, so I really admire people who can conjure up fictional people and scenarios.
    So that’s enough resting for you, young lady- get on with it – I can’t wait to read more of your stuff.

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