Am I cut out for this? What makes me believe I can write a novella successfully? I’ve never experienced anything totally extraordinary nor do I have much knowledge about anything in particular. I’m not passionate about history, Geography, psychology  technology, automobiles or even cooking. I’ve always been an average student, so how do I believe that I can pull this off? 

I’ve just scanned through some articles regarding ‘writing about things you don’t know.’ The advise out there was enough to boost my self-esteem. I can do this. I’m taking this seriously even though nobody else is. I know I’ve started more than a few projects before and have yet to finish it, but isn’t that a common trait of an artist? I am creative, I know I am. I know my imagination hasn’t freaked me out so many nights as a child for nothing.

I can use those experiences however minute I may think they were and I can amplify it. I can take those fears, anxieties, thoughts and visions and make it work for me. I can make this kaleidoscope of random scenes in my head, play out the way I want it to. It’s like when you’re dreaming and realize that you’re dreaming, you tell yourself, “O snap, I’m dreaming, I can do anything I want!” and you take off flying. Yeah I know it’s so awesome when that happens, I love it. 

So I guess creative/fiction writing is similar; you take what you know, put it out there, then take what you don’t know and invent something out of nothing. After all isn’t that what an artist does, make something out of nothing? Sure you want it to sound authentic but that’s where your skills come in, that’s what sets you apart from the rest and what will make your story a success. 

I might be psyching myself up for something that isn’t that much of a big deal but why downplay what I’m doing? I intend to aim high with this, why should I set limits on my goals? 



It’s achievable in any context. I can do this. 


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