2 years blogging

Well I got a notification saying I registered with Word Press 2 years ago. The first year’s blog was about my pregnancy, it was more of a journal therefore it’s private. After my son was born and I returned to work I needed to find myself again. After some encouragement from my buddy Mrs Fabulous, I started a new blog where I tried to record things the people in my head talk about. If I was fully successful in recording everything I probably would have landed an award already but alas they’re too incoherent to understand. So I just jot down what I can put together. So far so good I reckon.

Here are some posts that I’m particularly proud of and/or most describes my blog:

I’ve been slacking and since I’ve reached this milestone I know which direction I want to go with this blog. I hope that I can convey my writing in a way that is true to myself so that I don’t focus on entertaining others but so that I express my true inner being. After all, I’ve learnt that this is what fulfills me and as a bonus it gets my stats up too.


4 responses to “2 years blogging

  1. Congrats on a wonderful milestone. I love following your blog and seeing what you are up to. I don’t think you really need to have a direction for your blog if you are just writing to document moments and milestones. I think it is more of an evolution.

    Ive noticed with me my blog has taken on a more of an advice slant which fits perfectly with my personality. I am a little bit of a know it all and I like being able to share what I have figured out.

    What do you enjoy blogging about? I would love to see more of your creative writing.

    • Well that’s just the thing; the direction I meant was that I want to write more creatively. Yes short stories are one of my goals but also the general things that go on in my head is what I want to get out (in a creative way), without fear of criticism. I also tend to put pressure on myself and stray off the crux of what I’m trying to accomplish. That holds me back, but not anymore.

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