That’s just the way it is

One will often reminisce about days gone by, particularly high school days when everything is ten times more amplified than in other phases of your life; hormones, social life, education, stress, fun.

To a certain extent a miss those days and wish I could relive just one of them. Perhaps a sunny day sitting on our spot or on the field, watching the boys play soccer and being foolish or getting into a fight. Perhaps a rainy day when our group would sit lined up against the wall in the corridor facing each other and being very intimidating to who ever wanted to pass through. Just to sit there, eating our staple Big Jack pies and sharing two cans of coke among the eight of us.

I was a joker most of the time, but I kept to myself and didn’t cause much attraction from anyone, which was perfect for me. The group was a security blanket and a place of refuge.
Looking back, it seems like another lifetime, it’s been ten years since I graduated from high school, but the memories are murky (without wanting to sound like Bella Cullen), its like seeing through muddy water. Basically my memory sucks and I literally don’t recall some things my old friends talk about. what I’m getting at is this; I’ve changed since then. In some ways I’m still the same, I enjoy keeping under the radar yet stand out at the same time ( it might not make sense but my group was very popular.. Not me but the group) I’ve changed in a sense that I’m much more confidant, I know (sort of) what I want in life, and I’m mature now. The latter may seem like a moot point, it’s not. At almost thirty years of age a number of my former school mates are bloody immature. In a group chat started by someone who wants a ten year reunion ( of the entire class 2003) I notice many are still, if not more immature than they were back then.

I contacted my immediate group of friends trying to get just the eight of us together because the thought of reliving the past seemed enchanting. However the replies I got made me realize that in fact it might not be such a good idea to get together, simply because some people just do not change. That’s a bad thing, because we need to change, for the better. We need to grow up.



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