13 month update

Written 07 January 2013

Our little man has pleasantly surprised us regularly since his first birthday. He’s grown taller and its clear that his cognitive skills have developed significantly this month. 

He always made sounds but I only count the words he uses in context as real words, therefore I count “tata” as his first word. Before we even say Goodbye, perhaps we’re just preparing to leave, he understands what we’re doing, he then waves to who-ever we’re visiting and says, “tata”. He says it when I stand outside with him, he waves to passing cars and says “tata”. Last week when roaming the new house, (he still has to get used to the place), DH went to the bathroom just after playing with him, he then crawled down the passage and in a questioning tone said, “dada? dada? dada?” I was so surprised. He usually calls us by looking at us and saying, “hah, hah” He hasn’t said dada again yet, except for one or two random moments. 

Saturday we went to the beach and gave him his juice, he burrowed his eyebrows (something he does often now), curled his thin lips out and said, “juice” he repeated it a few times saying, “shuice, juice.” 

Speaking of ‘shuice’, when asked, “where’s your shoes.” or “show___ your shoes.” lifts his feet up and grabs his foot. He likes the valcro strap. 

He’s a real show off, he throws his head back and laughs. I don’t know what it is about Gangnam style but the second it came on TV he started bobbing up and down, and got progressively wilder, he thoroughly enjoyed that music video. Since then he dances when he hears any beat, and understands when we say, “dance”. Keep in mind nobody taught him to dance or danced in front of him (as far as I know) 

He also stands on his own without holding anything, he could do this a long while ago but he’s afraid to do it. He now only does it when he’s on the bed. The first time he did it confidently on his own was when we were picnicking the 30th December, I was laying on my side and he stood up holding my hip, he then just let go and when everyone noticed and started clapping and cheering, he loved the attention and kept getting up after he fell down. He even took a few steps while playing with my dad but the minute he realizes he’s not holding anything he sits down. He loves walking while holding our hands, he’ll walk holding one hand and pick up various things he finds outside, leaves, sticks etc.  


So that’s my big boy in a nutshell thus far, slightly talking and almost walking. Its surreal indeed. 

Update: last night at my parent’s house, he was standing on the bed showing off as usual. He out the blue turned around using his tiny, puffy feet and went marching to the end of the bed. My parents and I were caught off guard and I don’t know how far he would have went but I grabbed him before he got to the edge. He found it very funny but didn’t do it again after that. All in good time I suppose. 

17 January- This morning I left the room to put my bags at the door. He called after me saying, “hah, hah.” I then replied telling him that he mustn’t say, “huh” he must say “mamma”. Immediately he repeated mamma twice. He even grabbed the remote when I told him to change the channel! I realized my boy is growing up fast now. He doesn’t nag after me anymore when I leave the room, its like he knows I’m alone and I’m busy getting ready for us both to leave, so he’s patient. I hope the latter lasts, I was quite worried about it since we’re living away from my parents who helped me out before. So far so good.

Also my mom e-mailed me yesterday saying that he was walking in their bedroom, between mom and dad on the carpet. He wouldn’t do it on the tiled floor though, he’s still cautious but gaining confidence and loves the praise and cheers he gets when he does it. It happens so spontaneously but hopefully when he does it again she’ll be able to snap it on video.


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