Back to the grinding stone

I’ve had 3 weeks off work. This morning I was woken from a deep sleep by DH asking if I’m going to work today. I replied, “oh I forgot”, still 90% asleep. Usually I’m the early riser and wake up at the tiniest peep from the little man (13 months today, by golly- update to follow). Of course Murphy loves throwing his laws at me. 

After saying that, my memory is blank until I’ve made breakfast. I vaguely remember taking out my GHD, bobby pins and looking around for my one and only elastic hair band. Why I went through all this effort, (to curl my hair I think?) I don’t know because I’m donning a stock standard pony tail right now. 

Eventually I pulled out the car, from my new residential address (the move was such a schlep). I complained that If I have to unlock the garage from outside, what if it’s raining and I have the small one with me? I was just kindly told to get used to it by my Dear Husband who’s still on leave till Friday. He’s looking after LO this week all by himself *cringe* I pray that he makes it through today in one piece let alone the rest of the week. He has this ‘reaction’ when looking after LO, he’s unable to do ANYTHING, other than keep his eyes glued to LO. I had to convince him that getting dressed at least is truly possible while taking care of our busy child. (side note: when he so nicely told me to get over it, he was standing on the pavement with LO in his arms, wearing a PJ shirt with no pants, confidently or unknowingly greeting the neighbours in his briefs.)

Back to my Monday morning; I got to work still with foggy brain and irritable mood and tried to get my office chi in order, to no avail. I then tied up loose ends and by 10 am I checked my calendar. What I saw confused me at first, until I made sense of it all.. Monday was marked ‘ vacation’, I went into my e-mails, and checked the leave forms I sent my superior. Lo and Behold, I wasn’t supposed to come in till tomorrow! All that Monday blues was for naught! 

I’ve dubbed this incident as my 2013 Epic Fail. 

I’m taking Friday off to compensate, hopefully the long weekend will do me good. 


2 responses to “Back to the grinding stone

  1. Oh no! That sucks. At least you now can use this day you have worked, for somewhere in 2013.
    My husband was just like yours but luckily he came to the realisation that he can do other things while looking after kids.

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