Its my party and I’ll have as many sweets as I want to

As the title reads; parties throw most people’s diets out the window, especially kids. I’m not the strictest mom in town when it comes to diet but because M is such a fussy eater, I prefer that when he does eat, that he eats something with a bit of nutritional value. Not this weekend though, its amazing how kids love sweets. Personally I’ve never been a sweets person, so I don’t really get it but wow, they gobbled up sweets like crazy and not only did nutritional value fly out the window but hygiene as well… lollipops fell and lollipops were picked up and put straight back into the mouth. The mommies didn’t even flinch, they were all, “oh well, the floor looks clean. Enjoy yourself my child!”

I just turned a blind eye and asked every hour or so, if he’d had something substantial to eat.. like pizza. It was hectic for me and my sister-in-law who helped me but it was so much fun. All the kids were laughing and screaming with joy. My big boy had so much fun he was singing and walking around (assisted still) full of energy, when he’s doing that I know he’s happy. When the last guests left around 6 pm, he was tired but fighting his sleep. I took him for a bath (he was incredibly sticky), let him play a bit more and by 7 pm he was lights out. He slept like a log till 5:30 am the next morning. The day was just fantastic.

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