It’s the 7th December. A year ago this time I was writhing in pain, waiting on the arrival of my miracle child. It’s surreal to think how I yearned for a baby and here I sit; a mother of a 1 year old. I am so proud and grateful for him. I don’t mind sharing with my readers, this personal journey.

My birthday wish for you, my child is a prayer:

I pray that you continue to bring joy to everyone around you. That you are protected from all calamities your entire life, protected from all evils; man and “other”. I wish you success in your life, that you grow up to be a hard-worker with a good character. That you grow up to be ever aware of the Almighty and be pious and a good influence on everyone you meet. That you are always blessed. That you are content, appreciate the good things in your life, that you experience true happiness and love. That you have a strong self esteem and always stand up for yourself and what you believe in. Above all, health, happiness and earn success for the hereafter.

May Allah accept all good duahs made for you and by you, In Shaa Allah Ameen.

I love you

Name giving ceremony

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  1. What a special post. May Allah grant every single duah you made for your son In sha Allah. May Allah bless him abundantly and he always be the coolness of your eyes In sha Allah. Hope he has an amazing first birthday.

  2. Love, love, LOVE!

    Happiest of happy days Mr Smurf. I hope Mommy and Daddy treated you on your special day.

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