Things to come

Cape Town Festive SeasonI’m very excited about next year. My son is turning one this Friday (can’t believe it). I’m looking forward to his toddler years and watching him develop and cross major milestones like walking and talking. 

We’re moving house the end of the year and I’m really looking forward to decorating our new home and starting a new life with new routines (going to have to cook my own food! *Lord help me*) 

I’m also considering (90% mind already made up) getting a mountain bike and actually using it. 

There may be new developments on my blog as well so watch this space

With so much to experience in the new year I have to remind myself not to rush this season by. December has always been my favourite time of the year because summer takes over, its holidays, parties, get-together’s and general-public merriment hovers around the atmosphere. I just LOVE it. 

Cape Town Silly Seasonfestive Cape TownCape Town BeachesCape Town Silly Season!


4 responses to “Things to come

  1. Happy birthday little smurf. Wish we could be in CPT for Dec but we always spend holiday in George so we still get to enjoy a beach holiday.

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