So super thankful

Sometimes I ask myself, “HOW am I SO lucky?” But then I stop, because I don’t question the will of the Almighty. 

Just this morning I was sitting in my office, looking out the window. Looking at everything, the wind blowing and the green grass that has just been mowed. I saw the little tree that I used to nap under during my lunch breaks when I was really tired. I saw the simple but beautiful shelter that has just been built for the animals on the field. Looking at this I realized that I am lucky because I find my surroundings calm and peaceful. Its casual like me, the environment that I work in is at times chaotic but not because of hostility of my co-workers but because of our productivity. 

I drove in my car and realized that my tank is full, I don’t have any mechanical problems and it’s a relatively popular car now days. I’m lucky because some people need public transportation which isn’t bad but in my circumstances is a shlep because there aren’t any bus stops near my home or job. 

Looking at my current home that’s getting a bit cramped with the latest edition of my family, I see a space that was created by my husband and I. The vibrant colours on the walls, the tangerine lounge suit, the big TV connected to the PC, connected to surround sound. I am lucky because even though I live on my parent’s property, I have my own completely separate apartment that we could grow in and become our own little family. 

My son is healthy, my husband is generous, gracious, religious and all the other good words that doesn’t end with -ious. 

Even though I should eat healthier and exercise, I’m not over weight. I don’t  have any health issues and I consider myself (most of the time) physically appealing. My wardrobe is overflowing, my pantry and fridge is full. 

If that isn’t enough to feel lucky about, last month I won two competitions and this morning I won the biggest competition in my life (so far) and I didn’t even enter, it’s a weekly Christmas competition by a store that i JUST applied at this weekend (applied for the membership card).  How lucky is that? 

All I can do is put my head on the ground and give thanks. I’d really like to use this abundance that I have been provided and give back to society in any way I can and just be a better person.  

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