Weekend in pictures

These cellphone pics have not been edited, please excuse poor quality. 

I didn’t realize how hot it was going to be Sunday morning. This was around 10am. The weather was perfect for the beach, very warm with a welcoming soft breeze and the water temperature was not too cold. Perfect.

Other side of the tidal pool, this is the side we’re allowed to swim. (left hand side of tidal pool) The right hand side are for fishermen.

Playing catch by the tidal pool

This guy saw me taking pics and asked if I could take his picture. I think he was more showing off for his friends so he was surprised when I said, “sure why not.” His name is Martin.

My mom has a shop on this beach. We actually came to check on the place as it’ll be opening up for the summer season. These guys greeting my dad, are lifeguards who are all part of the beach family. This family includes all the employees who work here every year, cleaners, maintenance, the administration dept, the shopkeeper (my mom), the lifeguards as young as 9 years old up to 50+. The responsibility and daily excercise routines give these kids something to do over the holidays and keep the out of trouble. It also builds a very good character as their mentor a very fit man a little older than my dad keeps them on the toes.

Ma and Pa with kleintjie

That’s security. We are a blue flag beach and over the festive season we have many police officers patrolling and making sure the rules are adhered to e.g. drinking is not allowed.

Summer has hardly begun and this chick has a stunning tan *jealous*

This is where the lifeguards keep their gear. My dad has a paddle-ski stored in there.

The view from above

That lifeguard must have forgotten his hat.

and then I got carried away- what have you started blackhuff?



4 responses to “Weekend in pictures

  1. Love the photos you have posted here. Do you have an editing program where you can edit some photos? That photo you took of the lifeguards from behind, would have been great in black & white.
    Glad you had a wonderful time this past weekend.

    • I do have an editing program. We edit peictures so much now-days that it takes the ‘realness’ away from it. (and the quality pics weren’t very good to start with)

      I’ve inserted an edited picture for you 🙂

  2. I love this post! You are very lucky to be part of the ‘the beach family’ (well, technically your mum is – but still…I can tell it is very much part of your life too). I think it’s amazing how young kids are being kept occupied through the lifeguard mentoring programme. These pics are awesome!

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