Festive Season- Season to be jolly!

OH YES! My favourite time of year is on the horizon. Its summer, its parties, its braai’s (bbq’s), its swimming, it’s the ocean! I can go on and on.

One of the forums I’m on (NOC); the guys are reminiscing of our past year-end hook-ups. I usually jump to help with organizing hook-ups but this year I have a huge event of my own to plan; my son’s first birthday BASH. 

It started out as, “we’re not having anything, just cake with the grandparents”, to “we’re just having a picnic at Green Point Park.” to “I’m inviting 10 kids, and catering for 50 people.” Yet the guest list is already sitting on 12 kids. The hard part is when one kid’s birthday is the week before and your son gets invited, how can you not invite that kid? Then if you invite that kid, whose parents are part of mentioned forum, how can you not invite other forum member’s whom your closer with?

I don’t know hey… I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. In the interim I’m also reminiscing about past beach parties and the fun we’ll have next month when the summer holidays hit.

Past hook-ups with Nissan Club

Klippies Baai- December 2010

This is how much fun we had

The photographer my cousin Lameez
This pic was taken by me (out of focus!)

Below are pics taken by my fellow NOC member and friend, Matthew Skippers

Blouberg Strand- February 2011

This pic was taken the Sunday after Killarney had their Street to Strip quarter-mile racing event.. many of us were still only waking up here at 9am in the sweltering heat.

at Blouberg Strand


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