Killarney Race Track

Sunday we spent the day at Killarney Race Track. They had a Jap Fest where everyone with Japanese cars could show and shine. I’ve been itching for a while now to visit Killarney again but the Street to Strip (quarter-mile) races are always at night or Saturdays when we’re busy. So when I found out about the Jap Fest that took place Sunday I told Mogi-san we should really go, even just to spectate.

Mogi-san’s sorting out the car (getting it track-ready), he wants to do the full track at the end of the year. I on the other hand can’t wait to get it to a Street to Strip event and redeem myself after an Epic Fail in February last year. OK I have to cut myself some slack and give credit where its due; it was my first time racing PLUS I was doing it at one of the most popular events (hectic amount of spectators) PLUS I was racing against a guy I didn’t know from Adam, he could have been a seasoned racer for all I know. 

I didn’t know how the lights worked first of all, so leading up to the start line they directed me where to place my car and then I was watching the car next to me place itself, not a minute later that car pulled away. Then I realized that the lights went green!. That split second cost me the race! He won me by 0.2 seconds! And almost 2 years later it still bugs me that I was THAT close. Imagine how awesome it would have been if I; a female and first time racer, had won that guy. Anyway I had my pit crew and fans waiting for me afterwards and we had a really good night being young and care-free (something I had not done in a long while before that).

For more on Sunday’s Jap Fest see:

Below are pics of the awesome night I did a quarter-mile at Killarney.

Please excuse cell phone quality pics

Waiting to get onto the track, see the Q behind us (o_o), people literally switched off their cars and just pushed it forward because the Q moved so slow. These are all participants- now imagine the crowd!
This is me in my state of stupor
and that’s us lining up to race, I cant find the video clip of the actual race!

What an adrenalin rush, I’m so psyched for next time. 


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